Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thankful For...

these pages which Aida did of Little Anis :) they're gorgeous!!!
Nice Matters Award given to me by Sharmaine :)
Thanks Sharmaine!
i'll pass it on to 7 People soon *wink*
messages and emails that makes me Smile and Makes My Day :)

and These!!! *big grin*
*Show Off* Time :D
Gifts from the Resort for Me & Kids

that Little Boy doll for Anis is sooooo cute! :DRon got us Books and Magazines in London
A Table Full of Goodies
ok, so it's not as if we can't get some of these yummy chocolates and sweet treats here. but when in London, MUST get them! but my all time Numero Uno fave is the Lion Bar! *ROAR* we can't get them here unfortunately... so my Dearest got me a big box of them!!! woohoo...i'll be Sugar Happy all week long!!!


edleen amani said...

look at all those goodies from merry old london =D !
wish i can have a husband that travel around the globe :P
anyway..forgot to tell you that i've already changed my url:

just did recently.busy with school works and exams.
hope to see you soon and cant wait to shop in spore with aysha :)

Edleen said...

Edleen! my Sweet Edleen! :)
we miss you and your family and hope to meet up soon :)

as for that travelling husband, God Willing you will marry one someday. if not, you can travel the world too! :D