Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Welcome Home Hubby! :)

we welcomed Ron home and our Little Ones were so excited when they saw him getting his bags from the conveyor belt. and so was i :D so Happy to have him home and help share the taking care of our kids! hehe... *wink* of course, Thank God he's now home with his family :)

some shots taken at Changi International Airport,
Terminal 2

Ron brought home plenty of goodies and loot from The Caribbean & London :) and he did get me a Scrapbook Magazine even though i didn't want any. how thoughtful... so nice to have a hubby who supports your passion for Arts and Crafts! :D

now that he's home, kids and i feel safer at night with him around and whatever that needs fixing, he can do it! yayy...

back to my scrapbooking, started on an ABC Album for Little Anis. started this challenge over @ Groovie Cafe and we have until the end of September to complete our album. so now that i'm hooked with 6x12, this album is in this size and i have no storage for all of my 6x12 layouts at the moment! currently using the clear folders to hold them in. who'll be the first to come out with this size album you think? *wink*
it's just obvious that he was born on
Christmas Day, that his first layout
is very Christmassy :D
Baby & Me
love this photo of us!
love the way he looks at me :)

Thanks for popping by :) Have a Good Day!


Natália Corrêa de Almeida said...

Dad is at home! Very happy for you and for the kids.
I don't wanna repeat, but it's impossible... Your LOs are reeeeally beautiful! =D



Sharmaine said...

Glad he arrived safely Ed. Enjoy all that time together!
shhh I love the layouts too :)