Monday, September 17, 2007

Family & Friends

i am on the Honor Roll *yayy* i am moving on to the next class but yikes! i got detention because of my late submission!!! so apart from this layout with texture, i have to do one sketch challenge. i am getting that one done NOW! :D

this layout is dedicated to Hairun. we met in London in 1990. have never lost touch since then :) her sweet daughter Edleen also Loves to scrapbook. they live in Malaysia. but the distance is kept close with our phone calls and emails :) *ok so she usually calls me* hehe...

photo stitched onto denim fabric and added
a touch of glitter fabric

gold mesh to matt the photo of pretty girls :)
Dates, Donuts and Chicken Pie
we usually break our fast with dates and fresh milk. yummy! :)
they're really nutritious.

Thanks to Regina for the donuts. so thoughtful of you and really glad you came and visited today!

and Chicken Pie from Prima Deli for yours truly :D
i Love to eat!!! my friends know that *wink*

got to get back to my scrap table...better get this layout done otherwise i'll be suspended!!!


Jenn said...

yummy!!! and great page, ed..

Cathy said...

I can't keep up with your blogging. You are fast!!!!

Love dates, however, they don't always look so appealing. LOL

Would love to learn more about your fasting. I guess I'm not sure on the whole thing. It is very interesting to me.
email me sometime...

edleen amani said...

awe :))

the LO is sooo pretty :DD
thx for dedicating it to mommy :)

Edleen said...

Thanks Jenn, Cathy and Edleen :)

Cathy, sending you and email soon :D