Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mini Heart Album

so when we decided to have a Mini Album challenge over @ {Create}, i already knew i wanted to do this one. heart shape cut out from chipboard, drawn freehand *wink* i had a joyful time doing this album. the subjects and contents in this album makes it all the more interesting :)
my photo printed on patterned paper.
doodled some swirlies and placed Hamly overlay over it :)
my Family,my Love :)
all the Little Birdies doodled by me
these pages i Love! :)
totally doodled on the last page.
The Endwe're getting the warmest response and the
albums we've received are just awesome!

He's Home!
Thank God :) all safe and sound.

New Pet
creepy crawlies!!!

was cleaning up and found my old wine box! Ron brought this home for me almost 10 years ago! he also fixed a nice brass shell on one side as if it was a drawer *wink* inside were lots of old writing papers for my back then "journalist writing" and i got the dusts off and it's all nice and clean now :)

my Mini Albums will be going into this! :) i like this box the way it is. raw and original. it did cross my mind to alter it but... nah!

it's a lovely Tuesday here. weather is sunny and breezy. it's great to have the hubby home and kids are all excited with their new pets! :D

enjoy the moment! :)


Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, thats awesome album.:))

love ur new pet & ur "vintage"box.

Cheryl Wray said...

That album is just GORGEOUS!!! Wow!!! And I love the little doodled birds!!
And I LOVE that wine box. that's gonna be perfect!!!

Cathy said...

Love this sweet heart album...!!!

JazzScraps said...

Absolutely fabulous album!!! Lovin' it!!
Way to go, Ed!!

Wati Basri said...

ed..lovely & precious album!! :)
love it...and that box, really goes well with the album...

Edleen said...

Thanks Everyone! :)