Saturday, September 15, 2007

I'm A Famer! :D

here! :)Thanks to the Team @ UnPubbed!
i am enjoying my 15 minutes of "Fame" and i am Happy :)
i am the first Singaporean to be featured there
and i'm so Proud too!

do join in the challenges there.
the Girls there Rock and the
Faves and Famers are awesome! :)

stayed home all day. literally stayed in my bedroom and did a MAJOR clean up! found clothes still with tags on and some still in the paper bag!!! *rolls eyes big big* i am a terrible hoarder too... i have trouble letting go of Baby clothes. especially the cute little sweet ones that makes you go "awwwww..." i'm keeping them and some of my Little Bears are wearing those Baby clothes *wink*

i finished a layout of my nephew who was in hospital last month. ever so cheerful even when in pain! i'll be giving this to him, my brother E and sister~in~law to have a "memory" of this..hehe. not to worry, he's all better now and already running around! he jumped rope and landed hard each time thus he hurt his hips and couldn't move. his Mum told me he did that on purpose after telling him not to and she threw his jump rope away...hehehe

anyway, glad he's all better and i'm sure he learnt his lesson :)

i love using Basic Grey as background paper
Thanks for coming by.
Have a Groovie Weekend! :)


Wati Basri said...

congrats ed! :)

Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, once again Congrats!!!.:))

Awesome LO.:))

Edleen said...

Thanks Wati and Stephanie :)

Cathy said...

Congrat's to you Ed! Love your new LO too. I also love using BG as my back ground paper.

I spent the day with Carla taking pictures. Check some of them out on my blog!!!


Edleen said...

Thanks Cathy! :)

going over to your place now... :D

NoraHata said...

That's great news Ed! Congrats!!!

And great layout of your nephew! :)

JazzScraps said...


And what a fantastic LO!!
Agree with you, BG papers make great background!!


Edleen said...

Thanks Nora! :)

Thanks Jazz! :)

June said...

Congrats Ed !!

Francoise said...

hi edleen
how do you do ?
I like very much this page about litle boy
nice to read you

Edleen said...

Thanks June!

Merci Francoise! :D
i am fine Thank You.
Thanks for coming by!