Thursday, September 27, 2007

Just Perfect 4 Me

BamPop! this for One Little Word :)

get it?
4 Kids, Just Perfect 4 Me! *wink*

The Moon Last Night

not good shots but One Moon, One World.
it was shining so brightly and we just love the natural lighting we had at our balcony :)

going to my Mum's and pick up Food! :D it's a wet Thursday. nice and cool. looks like a positively lovely day. that's cuz i'll be seeing my Beautiful Mummy :)


eMeLiNe said...

Ahh ! :) always love to see your BP layouts :)

Sharmaine said...

Enjoy the time together!
Gosh I love what you do with Bam Pop, clever lady!
Enjoy all that yummy food! I'm Drooling!

Francoise said...

hi edleen ! how do you do ?
very well I think
I love your page about 4 children and...
... and the silent moon ...

Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, love your BP layout.(:

great shots!

Cathy said...

Great LO. Have a wonderful day with my Mom.

salme said...

really great Bam Pop LO! I just adore the BP frames and the unicorns!

Lynn said...

Great layout!!!
one little word

Edleen said...

Thanks em & Sharmaine! :)

Bonjour Francoise!
comment ca va?
i am well Thanks :)

Thanks Stephanie!

Cathy, you mean, Our Mom? *wink*

Thanks Sookie and Lynn!!! :)