Friday, September 21, 2007

Missed Calls...

i don't carry my cellphone every where i go in the house. it gets quite annoying for the caller i'm sure not being able to reach me! it can get a little tiffy if it's Ron who'd go,"why won't you answer your phone?!!" sometimes i just forget where i place it and i have to call myself to trace the ring!!! duh...

got a call from New York today :) and several more from friends..hehe. VERY Happy Mail day for {Create}. the response for the upcoming crop is superb! can't wait to meet the Girls! so if you're reading this, i'm giving clues *wink* Aida's hosting, she has really great ideas for our fun and games! Thank You Jenn for your project for the Girls :) Kristy, new stuff? *wink* and of course a HUGE Thanks to Jane And Detha for opening your place and giving us yummy gifts and discounts on that day! *yayy*

U R So EZ To Love
i know i wanted to use this paper from Groovie Kit with these photos! it's her dress, the colour...just fits! :) i did a terrible boo boo on this page initially. spilled half a bottle of glue, made my own doodled title but didn't like it. and then, i looked up and saw the baby blue felt thickers! so after peeling off the previous title, i decided to paint on the paper to cover up my oopsie and voila! :D

Close Up Shot
i doodled the swirls and her name on the photos. felt ribbon is from BEDezine. and i love using the cardboard! :)

Friday Night
ironing, done!
dinner, ready!
dessert, i would Love to have Cheryl's chocolate cake! *wink*
scrapping, good to go! :D

Happy Weekend All!


Stephanie Mah said...

Really enjoy reading your blog.:))

Great layout!

Im looking forward for the {Create}

Have a great weekends.!

Sharmaine said...

Love the mistake cos it made the layout evolve into what it is, gorgeous Ed!
So what did you have for dessert lol