Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nature's Beauty

Singapore 7.20am
today saw me rushing from home to school, back home and then school and to my Mum's! along the way to my Mum's, i managed to pull a prank on Jenn *wink* sorry dear friend, but i'm glad what i did brightened up your day :D

i haven't been out to town this week so decided to meet up with Jenn since she was going for a class. Stephanie called too and oh..we met up! hehe... Thanks Stephanie for getting me those stuff! *hugs* so from my Mum's, to Aneesa's school and back home and then to town! that figures out why i'm so tired today! ok, so i'm tired everyday! :D

Ron picked me up @ 5pm. we scooted home and i prepared dinner for Iftar and there were still some leftover Roast Chicken and my Mum gave us generous portions of beef in satay~like sauce... (so much for my knowledge of our local dishes!) and of course, her yummy sambal goreng! :) i totally do not know how to translate that... *wink*

The Inheritance
so all 4 kids get it from me. they get nose bleeds from time to time. Anis had one early this morning like 2am! he was uncomfortable and cried. my poor Baby! so we stayed up watching Emily's Reasons Why Not, which i think is a cute show. it was the Twin thing episode *wink* and then Cold Case, which i absolutely LOVE to watch! except at that late hour...i won't be watching it next week.

Detention Assignment
i have never been in detention in school! i was even a Prefect! anyhoo...for detention i had to do a layout based on Ania's sketch. Raudha, if you're seeing this, what do you think? oh by the way, almost everyone thinks Rushda is a Boy!!!

So Sweet
Rushda & Aneesa
Tickle My Funny Bones! :D
i've been reading Reader's Digest since i picked one up when i was a teenager! i love Laughter Is The Best Medicine the most! what's Life without some laughter? not laughing at others, now that's just simply wrong. but just get tickled with true funny stories :) especially the ones about little kids and their antics! :D that's Lat on the cover this year. i have almost all of his comics and he's really funny! grab one if you can. it's really a stress reliever :)

and yeah, couldn't resist that skull lunch box too! maybe i can be perceived as a "meanie" pirate if i carry that around!!! hehe... but the kids are eyeing it. they think it's cool. hey kids, your Umie IS cool!

another day to look forward to tomorrow :) take it easy everyone, the World isn't going anywhere. it's just getting old and pretty much worn out. let's try and Save The World. go Green! :)


MsGrace said...

popped over here form your blog.


Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, hope Anis is better now.:)

Lovely Los. i love ur lunch box,so cool.:-D

Wati Basri said...

hei ed..i got nose bleed when i was younger too...*give me 5*

eMeLiNe said...

cute lunch box !! Lovely layouts ed ! :)

Jenn said...

lovin that skull bag.. cool

Sharmaine said...

Dave passed on the nose bleeding here too and we have had them this week due to the colds we all have :( All 4 girls get them, me I just sneeze lol
Love the layouts Ed and when I read Readers Digest I always go to the Laughter is the best medicine section. cool lunchbox you cool Mummy you!!!
Hope you have a great weekend Ed :)

DadhaSpoke said...

Leen, happy to see Rushda in your LO. What an honor!!!!

When were the pics taken huh??!!

Will i be getting anyTHING for my birthday? Sept 18~~~ ling-a-ling-a-ling....