Monday, September 24, 2007

Snip Snip

it was time. my long luscious hair needed to be trimmed! hehe...
it's nice to keep it long but the weather has been pretty warm lately and i feel a little lighter. anyways, it'll grow... :D

got 2 layouts done. yayy! Class 3 got me a little confused but i just did what was told and there's direction in my layout i think... *wink* and no detention this time...phew!
taken from a sketch.
used felts for my rainbow and just
wanted a fun layout :)
Today I Baked
got my son to help me bake a Date Cake this afternoon :) he wasn't so well this morning when he woke up but feeling so much better now and all enthusiastic when i asked him to be my Baking Assistant.

this is the dough with all ingredients added

fresh from the oven...mmm the scent of a baked cake!

look at all those dates and the crispy top and soft, moist and crumbly buttery cake! :D the Tiny Taste Experts gave this cake a thumbs up! :D


Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, another lovely layouts!!

Hmm.....yummy yummy cake!
( I want!!) LOL............

Sharmaine said...

Ohh haircut... where's the photo??
and i'm with you, it grows back :)
Love the layouts, I'd give you a pass! Love that arrow!
Yummmmm to your baking :)

Cathy said...

You are so domesticated! You sew, you scrap, you even cook! What else can you do?

How well will the date cake ship! LOL

Cheryl Wray said...

Your layouts are gorgeous!!!I especially love the Joy one. SO great!!!
And I want some cake.... yummm!!

Wati Basri said...

lovely layouts & yummy yummy cake! :)

Edleen said...

Thanks Everyone!

Cathy, if only it is allowed!!! the cake will crumble if it was shipped *wink*

Edleen said...

Sharmaine, haircut but i still look the same! hehe...