Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cute Stuff

another day of stitching! :) made these for Liza and Sharmaine. they did the sketch challenge i posted awhile back. hope they will like them :)

Yummy Cupcake
Aneesa loves this! :)

Recipe Card Holder
been meaning to do one. maybe it can also hold some Wise Words or Positive Phrases. i need to be reminded Daily that All Will Be Well :) God Willing.

dinner with family last night turned out to be an All Girls affair! :D my Little Anis was the only "Man" present..hehe. we broke fast with humble servings of Mee Pok, Roti Kirai and Chicken Curry. the kids were fun entertainment :)

discovered an artist in my cousin! Diana, you Rock! your art work is amazing! i Love them all! :) glad that my cousin Lia is back home from London. a year has passed? that was quick! she'll be returning back there for Graduation. so proud of you!!! :)

us girls talked about things going on in our Lives and somehow FaceBook came up! hehe... when everyone is ready, i'll join. just let me know! i don't want to sign up with so many cyberworld thingy... i'm pretty Happy with blogging here :)

Sunday was pretty much a stay at home affair for me :)
Love Home. Love the people in my Home.
better Love than nothing.
*Hugs* to all my friends, near and far.
hope your weekend was fabulous and enjoy the week ahead!


Wati Basri said...

it was home for me too on sunday! just love it... :)

baberry said...

Hi Edleen,

You are so talented. I love the birdies. Too cute.


Cathy said...

Ok Edleen, I've been thinking..... You talk so much about all the good food that you have been eating and since I don't cook much. (Not required in a house with just me and my husband who works alot of evenings), could you please send me some food!!!! ; )
I'm just kidding, however, I bet its all very tasty.

Love your cupcake and the little birdies. You are too creative!

Have a great week!
HUGS, Cathy

Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, lovely felts!!

Love the cupcake & card holder felts.(Got my hint)hehe..LOL..........

eMeLiNe said...

o my ! Such cuteness on the felt So creative :)

Jenn said...

loves the birdies. Too cute.....

NoraHata said...

i LOVE the cupcake one!!! so cute!!!