Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Aneesa!

You Are 5 Today! :)
Birthday Card made by your Sister Aysha
You Picked Raspberry Cake
and we decorated it with gummy candies and sprinkles

and added more fresh strawberries! :D

My Beautiful Birthday Girl
Birthday Gifts
Umie and Abah Loves You So Much!!!
We Want You To Be Happy Always :)
*Hugs and Kisses*
it's been a Wonderful Day for Ron and me and our 4 kids :)
we all worked together to get the decoration up and Sweet Aysha making a Birthday Card for her lovely sister :) brought my kids shopping for gifts and cake. we came home and got everything ready and started celebrating after 7pm.

she looks so Happy and Delighted. seeing her face light up and feeling all cheerful and "Princessy" since she was all dressed in her Barbie Princess outfit *wink* Thank You God for This Blessing You've Sent Us :)

Happy October Everyone!


Cheryl Wray said...

Okay...those are such WONDERFUL pics!! I can just feel the love in all of them!
I want some of that cake!! Looks so yummy!!!!
Happy Birthday Aneesa!!!

Cathy said...

I was so excited to see a picture of your husband on your blog. That is a wonderful picture of mom and dad with your HAPPY birthday girl!

I'm so glad her day was wonderful!

Stephanie Mah said...

Precious pictures.(:

Lovely card & Yummy cake!

Wati Basri said...

great pics there ed!! and Anessa looks so lovely!.. :)

June said...

Happy Birthday to Aneesa !! She has such a lovely smile.

Edleen said...

Thanks to All You Sweet Ladies :)

Anonymous said...

Princess Aneesa looks so happy !!
and that cake wow !!

~ Ddah

Anonymous said...

princess Aneesa look so happy !
and the cake ! wow !!

Marr said...

Gorgeous LOs! It's heartwarming to see your creations. Also, we have seen how we evolved from the beginning when we started SBing. It's like seeing how we've grown... (**,)

You are really good at what you are doing now, gal.