Sunday, September 30, 2007

Singapore International Changi Airport

if you plan a trip to Singapore, your Arrival will be here :)

we Welcomed Ron home this afternoon. glad he's home safe and sound.
Bali was a good trip according to him. looks like there'll be more trips there in the near future. maybe a family holiday or retreat with friends and their families too *wink* i'm just Thankful. this is a Wonderful opportunity for my husband :)

Terminal 2, Arrival Hall
Viewing Mall
One Pretty Flower Stood Out :D
Our Airport is Beautifully decorated with Fresh Flowers and Plants
Little Anis
i love this shot :)
Ron got Groovie! Hats for us!
how cool is that? :D
might add this to my next Groovie Kit! *wink*
did you have a Good Weekend?

i enjoy a positive outlook in Life hence i really enjoy my Daily :)
i get mad with my kids daily too but hey, with 4 kids and all with different kinds of this and that, i still ensure it stays Positive *wink*

no point me getting angry and all stressed out. and i don't intend to speed up on getting old!!! hehe... and when it comes to scrapbooking, i just Love it and Enjoy it :) getting news that i made it to the next Class and a call asking me for my layouts to be put up at an Idea Gallery, i mean, how cool is that? i'm just Thankful that sometimes my work is appreciated :)

Beautiful Cathy did talk about our own style at her blog and i agree with everything she says :) a challenge is good for me to explore on how much more creative i can be. but at the end of the day, i am Happy with my scrap works and it goes into an album or on display on the wall and one day, i hope to sit down with my kids when they're much older and look at the photos plus the added journalling and everything that makes the whole layout Beautiful :)

who knows maybe i'll sit down with my GrandKids too and show them! :D

Monday is Children's Day and someone is so excited to open her presents!
no school for my kids and we'll be shopping for cake and presents. she will be so delighted! i'm a little particular about our Birthdays. it HAS to be celebrated on the actual date of birth! hehe... oh my gosh, she'll be 5 years old! what happened to my Baby? all my Babies are growing up!

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes and Hope September was good for you as October will be with us soon! Have a Fun Week Ahead! :)

don't forget to dance and be silly and stress free :D it's good for the soul!


Sharmaine said...

So glad Ron is home safe and sound. How very Groovie are those caps! Hope today is a very special and fun day :)

Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, lovely shots!! love that shot of little Anis."wink".

I have the same thought as you, i take scrapbooking as part of my hobby and im love it & enjoy it.(:

Happy Birthday to Miss Aneesa!

Aida Haron said...

Isn't it wonderful to have supportive husbands ??? Love the cap, the kids are their usual cuteness *LOL*

Pandachu said...

Hi Ed, mind if I have ur email so I can get the photo swap going? :)

Edleen said...

Thanks Everyone!!! :)

pandachu, okie doke, you've got mail! :)

Cathy said...

wonderful post!
I'm so glad your husband is home safe. What a wonderful feeling it would be for me to some day see your airport. Or Bali. Hmmmm.... I think my husband needs a new job!

I'm very sure you will be scrapbooking your grandkids one day as well as sitting down with them and going through your wonderful books filled with memories!


Edleen said...

Thanks Cathy. i hope you will come and visit Singapore and not only our airport!:D