Monday, October 15, 2007


they usually tell a story. Thanks to the invention of cameras :D

1st Day of Eid
Mum's home. where i used to live and grew up, where i am still a part of and Welcomed :)

My Happy Kids

boys in pink (Grandma's pick) hehe...

Aneesa's Cute Handbag

2nd Day of Eid ~ My Home :)
Thanks for visiting you Sweet Ladies! and Thanks for your Gifts :)

What We Served...
Roast Chicken, Lemak with Spinach, Tempeh & Dried Tofu, Chicken Curry, Chinese Rojak and Thanks Deedah for your yummy Carrot Cake and Thanks Stephanie for the Cupcakes :D

Clean Plates... :D

After Lunch, Rest & Relax

Pretty Little Girls :)

Dinner Guests

Thanks to my family and friends who came to visit us :) we hope you enjoyed yourselves and we certainly had fun having you! and let's not wait for next year to have gatherings like this, we should do this again soon :)

it's Monday...back to work, back to school for some :D

Have a Happy Week!


Sharmaine said...

Oh yummmm Ed YUM. Mouth is watering because I am waiting for my dinner!
Thank you for sharing all those photos, looks like a wonderful time with family and friends, love that :)

Aida Haron said...

Ed lovely, happy photos !!! Sorry I could not go, with Stasha and her bad tummy, very inconvenient, you know how it is. It was just plain fish soup for us *hehe*. Think our kids have very weak tums with Singapore being too clean that a little bit of kampung food they have problems.

Have a great week ahead.

Edleen said...

Thanks Sharmaine :)
if you ever plan a visit to Singapore, our home is Open to you and family and you'll definitely get to try most of the food you've seen here..hehe :D

Aida!!! we miss you but yes, understand about having bad tums... hope Stasha is feeling better.

Thanks and enjoy the rest of the week! :)

Cheryl Wray said...

WOW!!!! That looks like just such a fantabulous time--nothing better than food, family, and friends! Looks just wonderful!

And, I agree with the fact that the food looks delicious!!!

Mackey said...

Oh wow! I am so glad you shared your photos with us on your blog and, of course, I cannot wait to see them scrapped too. Everything and everyone looked so lovely!

Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, great shots and yummy food.(:

Thanks for the day!!

Cathy said...

What wonderful photos!!! I'm sure you had a grand old time.

Your Moms home looks so wonderfully decorated! I just wanted to cozy up in a chair and enjoy the good food but I couldn't climb through this darn internet! DARN!

Edleen said...

Thank You Everyone :)

PX said...

Ed, thanks for inviting me. I had loads of fun. Loved the food & the coffee. And of course, the chance to meet your beautiful children in person.

... and I cannot believe that you put up my ugly photo... arghhh....