Tuesday, October 16, 2007

No Fear

this layout inspired by an ad for Asian Dares DT. i painted on this layout with my fingers :D which was so much fun! these are my Boys and the Little One was so afraid of the water but ended up sitting on the edge with one leg in...hehe

and Thanks Cathy, for picking my layout here. i see many gorgeous layouts posted daily and i am so humbled at the same time honoured. applause to all the talented scrappers everywhere! :)

Altered CD Protector
did this on Monday night.
for my Beautiful Nieces :)

i miss scrapbooking...can't believe i said that! hehe... but festive celebration takes priority and it's been wonderful seeing families and friends :) today we spent our day at my brother's and sister~in~law's home. kids had fun...too much fun!!! :D and i ate and ate...oh well, as usual, we always say, "Once A Year" so nevermind... :D yeah right! hehe...

my Mum, StepDad, Uncles and Aunts came too and the Grandparents sent us home *yayy* i always appreciate a ride home, Thanks Grandparents! :) they popped in for a short visit and proudly showed Mum my blog. she's been wanting to see it and Thank You for the lovely comments of her humble home. she's so Happy and i Love seeing her face light up with her beautiful smile :) i know it gives her a Good Feeling inside.

everyone in this world deserves something good. if possible, all the time. we ought to stick to being Positive right from the moment we wake up. i believe it's ok if we don't get what we want, at least we know we tried our best and it doesn't make us a failure. we have a Life, that's what makes us Successful :)

and while i'm at this topic, received a message that my 5yr old has been shortlisted and she has to go for an audition. for the next 2 days, i've to bring her to the studio which is always some place i've never been too or heard of! grrr... they'll be doing a short photoshoot and check out her portfolio and, "we'll call your agency if your child is selected." i've given several passes to these auditions because when Aysha was first spotted by a photographer back in 1999, it was like "wow" for me. so it's like a "been there,done that" kind of thing for me now with Aneesa. not all auditions are successful so one has to be prepared for rejection. if you watched America's Next Top Model, well it's something like that but less drama...hehe :D

anyhoo, can't mention the client's name but they're pretty well known here in Singapore. plus she's been shortlisted and the agency is of course, encouraging. so there goes my pile of laundry to get done tomorrow! but whatever it is, i know this will be a fun thing because it's got something to do with Toys! *wink*



Leah said...

Love that no fear layout! Too cute!
And good luck to your daughter!

Sharmaine said...

Wow Ed! That 'No Fear' layout is just stunning!! Love the altered CD cover, very clever.Sounds like another wonderful time with family and I love that!
Have a happy HAPPY day :)

Jenn said...

lovely layouts...

hehehehhe!! did 1 layout with similar title... and oso on Nat at the pool :P

Stephanie Mah said...

lovely layouts!!

good luck to Aneesa!!(:

Edleen said...

Thanks Everyone! :)

Cathy said...

GOOD LUCK ANEESA!!!!!! What a wonderful experience for her.

Love your projects and love that LO. Every time I try to paint on a LO I end up throwing it away.

Catia de Souza said...

Hei Edleen!!!
Thanks by your visist and post in my blog!
I adore your works!
Your blog is delicious!

Brazilian kisses!