Saturday, October 20, 2007

Project Postcard

they're here again! got the postcards in my mailbox and there's plenty more at the Post Offices :) you can read about Project Postcard here @ Uniquely Singapore

i send these postcards to my family and friends living overseas each year and postage is free and you get to keep these really lovely postcards with scenes from Singapore. plus if our postcard gets pick, we both win! :D let me know if i can send them to you too *wink* it'll be Great if you get to visit Singapore and i will be your Personal Tourist Guide..hehe

Pretty Card
Thank You Cousin Stef and Zaly! hopefully we'll see you here in 2008 :)

Been Busy With...
reading these magazines :) mostly with the 30 minute meals..hehe. great simple recipes in there and already planning to try some of them out!

resting...NOT! plenty to do and mostly housework... and of course, my Kids. the older two are pretty much able to carry on with their stuff but the younger two... they've got this sign on their forehead that says, "Your Attention Please!!!" hehe...yes, the usual rants of a Mother. especially this Mother with 4 kids, and that's it!!! hehehe... some have been asking, when will there be a Kid No 5...yeah, not gonna happen *shake head*

Rena & My Canonet :)
she came over last night. we reminiscised :D the Canonet belongs to Ron. it's pretty old, a favourite classic here. cool huh? although not sure if mine is still in working condition but i love the size, the leather cover and the feel of it! original beginnings are usually the good stuff :)

Enjoy the Weekend, Enjoy Every Moment! *Hugs*


Sharmaine said...

hey Ed, sounds like a great weekend :) Hope it continues!
Off to play some soccer :)

baberry said...

Hi Ed,
Can I tell you I'm in love with your old school Canon. I bet it still takes amazing photos. Have a great weekend ,


Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, hope you have a great weekends.

what a cool old school canonet.

JazzScraps said...

Would so love to receive a postcard from you *wink*

About being the Personal Tourist Guide, that'll be good esp. if it's off to anywhere scrapping!! ha!