Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Location, Location, Location!

anyone recognise this location? my first time being there this morning. as you can see, it was bright and sunny and the view was just awesome taken outside the studio :)
audition went well. the norm, fill up a form, include a Comm Card (models have these to hand in for auditions) and they had a mini photoshoot. everything took about 20 minutes... and we left. next thing is to wait for their call...

Long John Silver's
kids wanted to have lunch at "The Theatre".
if you're having anything @ LJS, do chip in a dollar to
help donate :)
After Lunch Tantrum
a daily thing... i cannot wait
when the tantrums end! when??? hehe...

we made time to get Aneesa to school :) a little late but as long as she wasn't absent. then we headed to Mei's and the boys had fun while us girls watched I Not Stupid on video. applause to Jack Neo for making this very true to the core movie about Singaporeans. i love the lighthearted moments and then those Ugly Singaporean moments as well. err Jack, when can i be on your next movie project? *wink* hehehe...

Thanks for a wonderful time Mei! i was expecting my Guests too at my home and Thanks S for coming :) hope Abi and S had fun while you were here. look at our boys! :D

lastly, Thanks Jenn for letting me know i'm one of the 4 Scrappers featured at Made With Love Blog

Thank You MWL! :)


Wati Basri said...

ed,nice bumping to you yestdy!!:)
btw...congrats on being one of the scrappers feature at MWL....

Benga said...

congrats edleen! looking forward to see more of your cool and funky LOs =)

Cheryl Wray said...

LOve those views!!!! Gorgeous!!!

I love LJS. I may have to treat myself, just so I can donate a $1.

Have a GREAT weekend!!!