Friday, October 5, 2007

To The East, To the East!

last evening was the first time we went out for Iftar :) we broke fast with milk and dates and left right after Maghrib. Ron got the van for the night and we decided to have dinner at Mak's Place. yummy food selection there! service is excellent and food arrives within minutes after you order :)

Black Pepper Steak
Fried Char Kway Stuffed
with Fishball dipped in Mayonnaise

Fried Rice With Salted Fish
My Fave! :D TomYum Soup
Prawns Lovingly Peeled Off by my
Dear Husband for Moi :D
after dinner, we popped by where my Mum works. ordered her yummy teh tarik and then we went to Geylang.

also known as
Geylang Serai, is a neighbourhood in the city-state of Singapore east of the Central Area, Singapore's central business district. It is located to the East of the Singapore River.

the light up and decor...
Sandals Anyone?
these are from Indonesia
it was a fun night out and Little Anis walked the whole time! Cutie not once asked to be carried! signs of Little Him growing up... :( but he had fun seeing all the lights and checking out all the little shops selling their lovely things.

it wasn't as crowded as we thought. got myself some nice scarves. they're nice because they're so me, plain and simple! hehe...

and i felt like having this...

and boy was it a mistake!!! i couldn't sleep!!! stayed awake til 3am this morning... :D

Pleasant Surprise
this morning, when i went to pick Anis up from school...
Thank You S for this lovely gift you altered for Aneesa!
she loves it as do i! :D we'll crop together soon! *wink*

this was such a fun layout to do! wanted to have a graffiti feel to this page with Muesa climbing up the Hambly brick wall! :D

weekend is here! i'm looking forward to Crop With {Create} on Saturday :)
wishing Everyone a wonderful weekend! *hugs*


Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, yummy yummy food! Aww... TomYum Soup..Im drooling........
Hmm...soon we can have tomyum together.:)

Lovely Alterted Alpha Ä".(:

Awesome layout!!

Cathy said...

Love the photos! I love to walk around and shop in places like that when I travel.

That LO is fantastic, you did great job on it.

Have a great weekend.

I despise sea food of all kinds, so I actually got away without feeling hungry this time!!! HE HE HE

Brigitte said...

Hi Edleen !!
Loooove your 'Imagine' LO very cool, very cool !!
and ohhhh those photos !!! yummmmmy...
discovered your blog thru a comment you've left at OLW, will come back for sure !!!

Sharmaine said...

Im with Cathy on the sea food front so happy to leave it for others to drool over lol
LOVE the layout Ed, very clever!!
Hope today went well and you all had fun!

Marr said...

Gosh! Ed, the imagine LO is soooo creatively done. Steady lar!