Friday, November 16, 2007

3 Layouts

i don't know what happened but today i can post some layouts! Freaky Friday??? *yayy* :D

Chupa Chups
took this photo @ their new store few months back.

using orange dots from Hambly, BamPop!
the colourful pp says it all about this Lollipop :)
Mustard Moon, swirls cut out using
Basic Grey pp, 7G stickers,
Queen & Co alpha & journalling

did this layout using items from
Groovie Mini Challenge.

journal tag design by Ed & 10 pcs Maya Road Microchips.
cut out swirls, lace, stamping & journalling.
that's my friend Stephanie :)
Friday Happenings
Little Anis's & Friends Graduation Ceremony

performing for Everyone. they're all so cute!!!

with Teacher Stephanie. she's a really lovely Teacher and great with all the little ones and she's so patient with them. we will miss you!

a project by all the Little Ones. i Love it! :) next year we won't be seeing everyone from Apple Tree as each will be going to different nurseries. Goodbye Friends!

New York Pizza
brought my kids there for lunch. yummy! but we miss the actual pizzas we had in New York *wink* huge slices and so cheesy!!! then we went to Candy Empire and got them some candies and never forgetting those Smith's chips for me. i am so gonna put on weight! :D

the ride home on the train, it was another one of those, "you've got 4 kids?" thing again... i knew the lady was curious because she kept looking at me and kids. she was shocked when i told her Aysha is mine too. i love the reaction! hehe...

had a fun day. especially happy now that computer seems to be behaving! so unexpected but glad it's allowing me to post some pictures :) it'll be a quiet weekend @ home with kids. err...quiet not really a correct term to connect with my kids! hehe... we might go visit my Dad. we had to postpone the Crop With {Create} @ Detha's. my pc guy is coming in and we'll definitely have one in December :)

spreading Happy Wishes and Enjoy the Weekend!!!


Stef said...

Great LO's Ed.

Can't believe how much Anis has grown. Looks so cute performing with his class.

Cheryl Wray said...

Love the layouts and the pictures!!

We also love those lollipops!!! And,!!!!!!!!

Love the song you got playing!

croppin carla said...

Wow great lay outs, you sure have been busy. I need to crank and get some done this weekend.
The little kiddy pictures are cute!

Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, great layouts!! love it.:)

oh....little Ah Pek is sooo adorable.(: