Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yippee!!! isn't fixed yet! *chuckles* although i wish it never needed fixing at all. i'm not the persistent sort but i did send another text message to our computer Dr and he'll be back Friday! yippee!!! and he said he'll come by over the weekend :D

Happy Mail Day and Thanks :)
yippee!!! Sharmaine! Thanks Loads!!! loving the RAK you sent and much goodies in the package. yummy :)

Thank You Aida for the layout of my Little Anis and another RAK! love it! used it already..hehe *wink* Thanks for coming by my Mum's place and have a quick cup of teh tarik with me while she ironed her clothes!!! hehe... i should be ironing and she sitting down huh? and Thanks for ordering more food from her :))

Thanks to Stef for helping me with Groovie Cafe *hugs*

Thank You Stephanie for helping me out and no worries, i will help you with what you asked from me. it'll be my pleasure :)

Thank You Cousin Raudha and Aunt Abye & family for the delicious dinner we had and the fun squeezed~like~sardines ride home...hehe

Last Day...
school will be out on Friday until January 2nd 2008. it'll be Graduation Day for my 34month old Baby...he's grown up now and i don't know, it's me complaining again, how naughty and mischievous he is yet i will definitely miss his Baby and Toddler days... can't believe it!!!

we'll have to keep an eye out on PSLE result day for all Primary 6 students. most likely it'll be out next week. papers are all set by Cambridge in the UK. it'll be a nerve wrecking day for some and relief for others. i am not sure how i feel though, a little bit of both i guess. just hoping Aysha will achieve the success she has set for herself. she's my Independent Child, didn't need any push to study, responsible and i pray she will be the same Aysha when she goes to Secondary School next year. because going to new school, new friends and different environment, can change a person.

Plans For November
what's on your calendar for the next 2 remaining weeks in November?

me? i'll be celebrating...Yippee!!! i think Stephanie is planning a surprise Birthday party for me @ McDonald's? hehehe... NOT! well, we might go for lunch or dinner and Yannie suggested going for a night out for a photo shoot in town. the lights are up with pretty Christmas lights and decor. it'll be fun :)

sadly, Ron is often away in the month of November. let's see if he remembers to call me on my birthday! *wink* he did last year though and i won't complain since my birthday gift is already with me and going click click :D

i have been. also made a dozen Christmas cards :) just no chance of "showing off" hehehe... well, if i wanted to, i'd make an effort like go to someone's home and get it up. but that's not happening. i'll just wait...patiently.
even my MacBook can't save me. get better soon my computer *hug hug*

Goodnight from Singapore, hope everyone had a lovely Thursday.

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