Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Can't Please Everyone In This World

can we?

we were on the train on Tuesday afternoon. and there was this young boy who clearly is a "special" child. he looked like he had the tourette syndrome. he had quick movements also known as Tics. he would say things repeatedly and a little louder than usual. so i noticed... when the people around him realised he was "acting weird", they moved away and one lady even gave him a disgusted, dirty look. how sad :(

When a child or adult is diagnosed with TS, often the first question asked is "Is there a cure?" After finding out that there is no cure, the next question is usually, "What medication should we use?"

The diagnosis of TS does not mean that the person necessarily needs medication. Sometimes just educating the patient and those around him/her can make a significant difference, as can accommodations or modifications in school or on the job.

If the child is not suffering from the tics, and the child is functioning well in the significant areas of his/her life (home, school, peers), then stop, take a deep breath, and consider giving everyone time to learn about TS, finding out what can be accomplished by environmental modifications, and helping the child simply accept that they have TS.

If you or your child has Tourette's plus comorbid or associated conditions, then you will also need to prioritize to determine what to treat for: is it the tics that are really the most significant problem, or is it any ADHD or OCD or mood disorder? The medications you would use for tics are not necessarily what you would use for another condition and treating one condition might make symptoms of another condition worse. You will also want to learn about research-validated alternatives to medication.

that i've been Blessed with my Sweetheart of a husband and my 4 kids. to think that at times i can be that kind of Mum who complains how naughty they ar
e and so forth, yet i don't have to deal with a child who has special needs. i should Thank Oprah for opening my eyes and educate me on many many great things about People and The World.

i am Thankful that through all my Travels and the experience and knowledge i've gained from it, i am educated with the things i've seen and learnt :) by being with people who has nothing much yet Grateful just to be Alive, being with people who can afford almost everything yet still unhappy with Life. the different types of treatment i've received, oh yes! the smirks, the cruel remarks but i am truly Humbled by that. being invisible sometimes feels good *wink*

that was how they expressed themselves when Mrs Mo & some friends and i were at the then Hawkins Refugee Camp back in the late 80s when we went to visit and did volunteer work. Yusida! are you reading this? remember those precious days? i'll share pictures some day *when my PC starts to Please me!!! hehe..* we would go back once a week and hang out with the refugees who once had a home and i truly hope they are Happy wherever they are now today :) i hope Huan, the little boy who held my hand all the time i was there has been adopted and living a wonderful life. sadly, that camp is non~existent today.

yes Jenn, this week with no photos at my blog, my post is rather lengthy! and hoping there are no grammar or spelling errors!!! hehe...

and it's true that we really can't please everyone be it family, friends, colleagues and strangers included. and whatever it is, Life Goes On and i pretty much tell myself to wake up with a Smile looking forward to a Positive Day :) my day begins @ 6am daily, whether it's a holiday or not. once after Subuh (dawn), usually i don't go back to bed. it's either watching the sun rise, preparing breakfast for the family or just enjoy the quiet moments :) ok sometimes i would crawl back into bed especially when the weather is so nice and cool *wink*

i am getting old {Happy Birthday to Me come end November!} hehe...
i am Happy :) Thank God for giving me everything that i have in my Life :)
i'm just Thankful, period.

oh, and glad that Ron got to Miami safely and now having a fun working time in the Caribbean. i shall be the snoop asking him which celebrity he's walking in the gardens with! *wink* he so won't take a photo and get ANY autographs!!! in his words, "they're on holiday. don't disturb!" yet he tells me how Christie Brinkley is gorgeous and they talk about her garden at her home in the Hamptons!!! grrr...


ps: please pray that my computer gets well soon, otherwise there'll be more sappy stories and just non~stop babbling from moi! hehehe...

Happy Wednesday! *Hugs*


Stephanie Mah said...

Moi, am enjoy reading your article.(:

jazsutra said...

thx ed for your long sharing.and oso luv all yr latest layouts.very beautiful.

Wati Basri said...

ed...hv a grt wk ahead!! and yess...we can never please everyone!~the main thing is ourself..~

scrappermimi said...

Well said, I worked in the MH field and worked with patients with many illness. I don't know why we can't just accept people for who they are!

What a great "thankful" list!

Marie said...

I agree! I am one of those mothers who is always complaining how naughty my 4 kids are lol! They
ARE naughty tho. But i agree if one had special needs it would be a million times more difficult. I worked with special needs kids and went to school to be a teacher for them (did finish). My uncle is mentally handicapped and I grew up with him. It never phased me until I got much older. Sadly I will still probably complain about my kids! I just cant help it they drive me nuts sometimes lol!! :)

Jenn said...

yes, agreed indeed.... we are blessed to have kid(s) that are healthly and well... and we should be THANKFUL!!!!