Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Travel Pages

i've slackened in my London Album... but i try :) and the Little Ones here are NOT Aneesa and Anis. they're Aysha and Muesa when they were 5 and 3 years of age. this was back in Y2000. my my...time really flew by. look at them both! so smallish and *sigh*... i still have 2 Little Ones to play with Thankfully :)

After 14 Hours
photo taken at the balcony of the apartment
we usually stay in when we're in London :)

Fresh Pickings
one of my Mummy when she was in New Zealand.
picking apples from a tree, just wonderful :)

we had a nice day. me and kids went for lunch @ Swensen's and everyone was well~behaved EXCEPT for Little Anis! same o same o...he's still Two, so what can i do? hehehe...

hope your Tuesday was fun. Take Care! :)


Stephanie Mah said...

Gorgeous layouts!!(:

hey, we also had lunch at Swensen's. Did you get the free mouse pad? "wink".

salme said...

As always, great LOs, ed! And hope you're feeling up and about ;)

Edleen said...

Thanks Stephanie :)

nope, we didn't get a mouse pad. the kids want the xbox 360 though... :D

Thanks Sookie!

am feeling better :)
hope you're doing well too.