Wednesday, November 21, 2007


we had lunch @ Swensen's on Tuesday. simple foods but it was delectable :)

Grilled Chicken
Baked Chicken
Pizza Tower
Chicken Fingers
Teriyaki Wraps
how can we not have Swensen's Ice~cream
Coit Tower

my all time fave,
Sticky Chewy Chocolate
and lunch @ home today,
Ed's Roast Chicken with hash browns & broccoli :D
2 Layouts
for my friend Wati. hope she'll like this :)
also a lift i did for UnPubbed.
We Are Cool
Mia's kids here :) this is for them.

i painted the star chipboard and stamped on it
it was a productive day pour moi :D so happy i managed to clean up Muesa's room and tidy up the mess that boys won't bother to do! some toy cars have been filled into the charity bag and some books and old school paperworks are in the recycled bag. Thankfully we have a fortnightly pick up for all our things. and i wouldn't say those are our unwanted things but just not necessary anymore. better to give to those that are deserving :)

oh and i cried again's hard not to when watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition! *sob sob*

so back to scrapping and have a Wunnerful Wednesday like Ellen always say! *wink*


Sharmaine said...

Thanks Ed, I am now drooling! YUMMMM
Love the layouts too, that star is just superb!! Great job ;)

Stef said...

Great LO's Ed.

I'm drooling over the sticky chocolate, esp the fudge in the bottom ... you shout me ok? hehe

Cheryl Wray said...

I love coming to your blog because I know there will usually be great pictures of food! And today I was right!! :-) Yummy!!

Sticky chocolate? that has to be the perfect name for an ice cream treat!!

The layous are gorgeous!!!

Cathy said...

Here goes my stomach again, making funny noises. Its hungry!!

Great LO's as always!


croppin carla said...

Girl you always make my mouth water when I come out here and check your blog, there is always some delicious food to drool over. Although today Im quite full from my lunch so its not that bad. Love your lay outs!

ianz said...

ahhhh ur food looks yummy *ssllluurrppppp****