Monday, December 17, 2007


and they are :) couldn't wait to scrap some of the photos i took of our Groovie Picnic. this is our Groovie Chef Deedah and her nieces. love this Bohemia paper and used rub on for the word Aunt and niece (rub on typo) hehe... some yellow felts and punched out circle for a sunny and doodley cloudy day :D

hope you had a Good Monday. we just chilled out and rested at home. Ron's in London now, doing more shopping for us. it's great that he Loves shopping too! *wink* he went frantic in Miami when he called from Old Navy store asking, "Do you want jeans? Do you want pajamas??? Almost everything is on SALE!" favourite word :)

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Stephanie Mah said...

Beautiful layout!! and awesome header!! (: