Wednesday, December 19, 2007

He's Back!

when i got the date wrong for Ron's arrival, i was pretty worried. so it's Tuesday night, not Saturday night. but Thankfully he is now home safe and sound and Happy to be with his family :D

some shots i took @ the airport and all our Yummy Goodies!!! all these presents makes him like Santa bearing us Gifts! *wink*

rrival Belt


Immediate unpacking...
Gifts from PC
Old Navy for All
Joe Boxer PJs
Yummy Goodies!
most of the goodies are available here too
but these are from London :)
Party Favours!
these would be great for our
Christmas Birthday Party for Little Anis :)
but those Lion Bars are Mine!!!
Gift Of Love
from Him to Me :D
not Tiffany's but Alicia Shulman Jewels
Ron knows me well enough. he knows i so Love these!
Thanks Dear Husband! *hugs*

it's Tuesday morning and it's Aysha's Big Day! Secondary School choice results will be out soon and hope she'll get the one she picks :)

have a Great Day! *hugs*


Cheryl Wray said...

What WONDERFUL goodies!!!!!!!! I love them all!!!

And I LOVE the airport waiting pics.

AND...I love the picture you have up on your banner now.


Wati Basri said...

look at those stuffs....woohooo...

Aida Haron said...

Lovely pressies !!! All the best to Aysha !

Stephanie Mah said...

wow wow!!! yummy chocolates!!!

ianz said...

wow yummy chocolates!!!!

Cathy said...

Well where are pictures of Ron????

Love all the gifts her brought you and the kids. Glad he is home safe and sound!!

Edleen said...

Thanks Everyone!!! :)
how am i gonna lose weight this way??? hehe...

Cathy, Ron's got a jetlag look so no photos *wink* Thanks Dear! :)

croppin carla said...

OOOOO its so fun getting presents! Glad that he is home safe and sound, and hes a good hubby/dad to bring you guys all those goodies.