Monday, December 24, 2007

His First Solo Flight

my 10 year old son and i were up @ 6am this morning. after dawn and getting ready, we left home @ 7am. Aysha babysat her younger siblings while we went to ICA Building hoping to be one of the early ones and imagine our shock when there were already about 300+ people already in queue!!!

Thankfully we only had to wait for about 10 minutes when the doors open @ 8am. went to the counter and asked about Passport Extension and so so relieved she said it could be done immediately!!!

Ron had to go to Bali for project work and fishing. so he decided to bring Muesa along. he went and booked tickets for them not realising that M's passport will expire in 4 months. we were in a muddle all day yesterday! the flight was on Sunday evening. he wanted to take a risk and just go with it. of course i didn't want that to happen. just too risky and what a hassle it'll be...and it may cause a scene and just NO from moi! but M was already saddened by the whole situation...

so i suggested M go on Monday on his own. asked M if he is brave enough to travel on his own. he says Yes. so that's why we were @ ICA Building early this morning :) i prayed for the day to go smoothly without any hiccups as the day before we encountered so many obstacles! we felt as if it was a sign that M shouldn't go at all. Ron had my identity card in Bali and i needed it to show it to the Immigration officer!!! so using my own passport and even brought my Birth Certificate (yes, that desperate!) to prove that i'm M's Mother :) she gave us the stamp of approval and *yayy*...M's passport has been extended and we won't have to worry until Y2015! hehe...

Airport Check~In
since M is travelling on his own, they have a Special Ticket issued for him. Singapore Airlines ensures that he is well taken care of and he had an Officer assisting him at all times until he boards the plane. when he arrives in Denpasar, he will also have an Officer there waiting to assist him. a very first experience for him and for me too! letting my Baby Boy travel on his own, what was i thinking??? but this is something we can talk about, a topic we could bring up whenever we are reminded of how brave he is :)
My Brave Boy! :)
My Lovely Kids Muesa and his Assistant
going thru Immigration

Bali Calling
Ron called about 2 hours ago and Thank God, M has arrived safely and he's with his father now :) so Proud of you My Son!!! we'll see you both when you get back! we'll miss you both on Anis's Birthday though...

Stephanie, for your lovely and sweet e~card you sent :)

Emeline, for picking my True Story LO for Feature of the Day :)

Preparation On Christmas Eve
did some cleaning up when we got home. baked two banana chocolate chip cakes for Anis's Birthday :) Aysha helped to pack some Goodie Bags for our Little Guests and also blew some balloons :D we're having fun and hope to have more fun on Tuesday!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! :)


croppin carla said...

Popping in to wish you and your family HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Aida Haron said...

Ed, Muesa is travelling with one of the most kiasu ailines in the world, of course they will make sure he will get to Ron with no problems. Unaccompanied minors are pretty usual for them.

See you tomorow !

Edleen said...

Thanks Carla!!!
Merry Christmas to you!!!
enjoy the holidays :)

Edleen said...

guess it's good that they're kiasu this way? *wink* but just happy he is there with Ron safe and sound :)

see you Christmas Day!!! :D

Stephanie Mah said...

Glad you like the card."wink"

Im so proud of Muesa! such a brave boy!

Merry Christmas!

jowong said...

Merry Christmas

So impress with Muesa, he is such a brave boy!