Monday, December 10, 2007

She's Turning One

my adopted Little Sister will be a year old on December 13th. sadly i haven't had the opportunity to visit to meet her :( my Dad's trying to get her a passport but they're waiting for her to turn at least 18mths before making her one. plus, not easy getting things processed over there...

Dad's been taking photos of her and gave me an album filled with photos of her. was thinking of making layouts but photos were just too small and taken at a distance. flipped through a magazine and took the idea from Urban Lily's papercraft cube.

did this earlier today and a little bit of sadness crept into me... because i wish i could be there for her 1st Birthday. i think when Ron comes home, we'll try to make a visit. so meanwhile, hope my Dad and StepMom will like this little keepsake gift i made of her. although i'm thinking i want to keep this for myself! :D

stitched felt heart by me :)

taken with my Sony Ericcson phone :)

went to visit my Mum this morning. i miss her Teh Tarik :) another rainy day and it's a cold night for us. although it's nice and cosy. we're watching some Christmassy shows on TV. i love watching them, always reminding about Love, Peace and Family. reminds me of the time we were in New York... and now i'm thinking of ice~skating! hehe...

some shots taken on Sunday. went shopping with Yannie and yuppers, GAP Sale has begun! :D

usually wouldn't post a photo of my clothes size but i can fit into L~XXL, hehe... 10yrs ~ 16yrs *wink* plus they didn't have the same thing for adult size. i hope they're having the same Autumn Sale in Miami because Ron has another shopping list coming! :D

10th day of December now and hoping you're keeping well, staying healthy and Smiling Always! Take Care :)


Aida Haron said...

That box is sooo, sooo cute !!! You take care, enjoy the quiet few days a home !

Cathy said...

What a sweet gift you made. You are just too talented!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

I just love that little box album. And the felt heart is just adorable!!!!

Sharmaine said...

Hugs Ed :) I love your box! very clever and gorgeous!! I hope your week is wonderful :)

Stephanie Mah said...

Awesome cube.(:

lovely photo of Yannie & Aneesa!.(:

Hope we can meet up this week!

take care!!

Pandachu said...

Oh I is the LOVE this pressie. Can I have one? Kidding :)