Saturday, December 8, 2007

Stormy Weather

it's been overcast and really cool and breezy recently. we had alot of rain the past few days and took these shots from my balcony this evening. it was pretty scary in a way while it's breathtaking. the clouds were huge, sort of "darkening" the sky. but i Love the Beauty of Nature :)
Free & Easy Saturday
Muesa's friend F stayed over last night. they truly enjoyed themselves except that the younger ones wanted to be with them at ALL times! hehe... good for me because they wouldn't cling onto me as much *wink*

this morning, i made them breakfast and did some laundry and while the kids entertained themselves, i managed to get some things sorted out and wrote some notes on a few Christmas cards *yayy*

and so delighted that i managed to stitch some of these...

while the weather is gloomy outside, we're pretty Happy staying indoors :) another quiet weekend for me and kids @ home. we did some jigsaw puzzles and went to Purple Mall nearby and got some groceries and Haagen Dazs for moi :D

Enjoy your Weekend! :)


Stephanie Mah said...

awesome craft works! love them all.(:

Hope to meet up with you soon!

eMeLiNe said...

such cuties !! Lovely weather isn't it :)

Vee said...

your ornaments are SO CUTE, love 'em!!

Stef said...

Beautiful photos Ed. Love the stitched felts. Don't know where you ge tthe energy from, send me some k lol.

Hope you enjoyed the HD, I'm looking forward to stealing it off you next year :p

Cathy said...

I want some of these!!!!!!! They are as darling as can be and would be so sweet on my tree! ***wink***

Benga said...

cute cute ornaments, love that gingerbread man