Sunday, January 13, 2008

Local Breakfast

when in Singapore, i recommend you try these dishes :)

Roti John
french bread halved, fried with eggs, onions and sometimes with cheese and minced beef. Roti means Bread, and why it's named after John, i still haven't got a clue! :D
but it's Yummy!

square rice, egg, bagedil (potato ball), long beans and cabbages in coconut milk gravy *my explanation may not be accurate* hehe... the motto is, Just Eat!

Chwee Kueh
vegetarian Chinese delicacy. it's mainly flour with some salty bits. it's alright for me, kids not sure about the taste as it's new to them but of course, Ron's fave!

all these can be found @ Serangoon Gardens Hawker Centre :) my neighbourhood, my Kampong. these were a few of our Sunday Brunch.

not so much of a busy Sunday. might visit my Dad later tonight. he's recuperating well, Thankfully :) he's ready to go home but it's not time yet. better he stays there until at least it's all better. he's pretty defiant against having skin grafts... grrr...

some i did this past week...

using FarFlung Crafts pps
doodled bird, stamping & sticklesUntitled
didn't know what to call this...
inspired by one of Elsie's 52 challenges.
this is more of a moment to remember kinda thing.
Little A was missing in school that day.
Thank God, we found him!
Don't Grow Up
i told all my kids this when they were Little :)
hope you're having a Grand Sunday :) so if you're ever in Singapore, try out those Yummy dishes and there are plenty more. if i have the other dishes, will share them with you *wink* please don't ask for recipes. i cannot cook. or better still, call me and i'll take you there! :)



Lisa said...

I would love to go to Singapore some day and I would try those foods if I went. Your layouts are great :)

Stephanie Mah said...

Yummy food.Im drooling over the Lontong."wink".

Awesome layouts!! love them all.(:

thankfully your dad is recovering.

Sharmaine said...

Oh Yum!! I will have some of everything please! I love Roti!!

Love the layouts Ed, gorgeous work!!!

camport said...

The Roti John I would definitely try, yum! Not so sure about the others, but if I'm ever in Singapore, I'll look you up and take your word for the yumminess of the food!

Glad to hear about your dads speedy recovery!

And that LO about losing Anis, how scary! He's a keeper, glad you found him.


bbhome said...

glad to hear that your dad is recovering.

AliciaSharp said...

Love the LO's you posted. Looks like you have been busy! Call me if you ever come to America and I will tell you where to eat in Asheville NC! ;p