Saturday, January 12, 2008

With Love and Care

all wounds will be healed :)

*HUGS* and Thank You for the Well Wishes :)

the past few days has been pretty exhausting.
my Father is currently warded here...

what had happened to him...

part of his pants burnt. my Father was injured @ work while carrying out his duty to investigate a gas leak. fire broke out all of a sudden and within split seconds, a few of them got burned and i am Thankful to God that no one died in that incident. my Father, the strong man that i know my whole life, made his first call to me and was crying in pain. that moment, my Heart sank so deeply...

in tears, i called my Mum and my brothers immediately. our siblings met @ the hospital's Emergency ward. it warms my Heart to have brothers who cares and dropped everything off while @ home and @ work to rush and see our Father.

Thankfully Ron is still in town and we were the first to arrive. the attending nurse called and i was the first to see my Father. i was scared of what i saw but i have to assure my Father that he will be alright. his whole life, he's never been hospitalised. he's a healthy man and for this to happen, we accept our fate. my Father says, it's God's Will. it already happened, so be it.

we waited for almost 5hrs and finally our Father was sent in to the Burns Centre ward. he suffered 3% burns which may not be bad...but it is bad to me. his arms and legs were badly burnt. i can only imagine how painful it must feel. almost midnight and we told my brothers and my SILs to go home. Ron and i waited until almost 2am when everything was settled.

while waiting, there was another man there too. he asked what happened and then he told us his story. his eldest child, his 16yr old son fell from the 7th floor. he's been to the hospital for the past 2 months. his son suffered badly and needed lots of surgery according to him. he hasn't gone home because his son would always request for him to be by his side. i was saddened listening to him. he has 5 kids, he works to support his family and now he says the bills for his son has mounted up to such that he can't afford it :(

it's been 4 days since this incident happened with my Father. i've been visiting him daily and they have strict rules @ the ward. we had to wear a special gown and we also had to adhere to visiting hours. but on Friday, he was brought out of Special Care unit and now resting with the others.
Thank God :)

and while this was happening, i had to be @ different locations for the filming of a short film.

Thanks to Aida & Jenn for coming down to meet me. Thanks for your Sweet and kind offers and comforting words. it was nice having your company that day.

i Believe everything will be alright. i'm carrying out my responsibility as a Daughter and praying my Father will heal with ease knowing that he is Loved and Cared for :)


ianz said...

Hopefully ur father have a speedy recovery and take care Ed!! *hug*

Aida Haron said...

~{{{HUGS}}}}~ Yes, all will be well.

Sharmaine said...

Hope he is home soon. My sister was burnt when I was about 5 and I remember going to the hospital and not being allowed in and Mum and Dad having to wear gowns and masks etc.
hope you are all doing ok :)
All the best with the filming and wish I was closer to help out too.

Tinkerbell said...

So sorry to hear the news. Hope things are better now and wish your dad a speedy recovery. You take care too!


camport said...

Thank God he's going to be ok! My husband works in a burn ICU and tells me the horror stories of his patients. The healing of skin is an amazing thing!


ffellie said...

Ed, wish your father a speedy recovery. It's good that your father is strong. thank God for that :) you are strong too.

Stephanie Mah said...

Ed...[HUGS} to you.

glad that ur dad is recovering.Wish him a speedy recovery. take care!

Edleen said...

Big Hugs to All!!!

Thank You :)

Vee said...

((husgs)) I hope your father is doing better!

Edleen said...

Thanks Vee :) *hugs*