Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Typical Day

up @ 6am, made breakfast for my older two. they usually have a cup of fresh milk or Milo and then off to school. Little Ones would be awake by then and they'd be asking for their breakfast and then for this thing, for that thing... and then there's me who'd just grab my Sony & start clicking :D

Fave Shot~Wednesday
Anis having a nana :)

simple lunch on our menu today :) i'm not so much like Gordon Ramsay whilst in the kitchen. have you seen him in Hell's Kitchen??? i used to work in a French Restaurant and yes, most Chefs are like that! me, i like to cook fast, clean up and enjoy the rest of my time out of the kitchen :D

i prepared tuna with chopped onions & mayo. fried some hash browns, boiled a couple of potatoes and made veggie & tomato soup.

i had tunafish & potato salad and sandwiches for my kids :)

got these done last night and completed them this morning :)

Living Doll
one of her photos taken @ the modelling agency.
apparently, she's grown since then.
even when i told them not to! *wink*

Close Up
added stickles onto the leaves
from the cluster of flowers :)
stamped LOVE not visible where the red pointer is...
just a fun layout of the eldest & youngest :)
nothing much to do really once this is posted :D oh wait, have to get some ironing done... maybe catch a nap and i can relax a little now that Ron is home :) not much to report about Seychelles. small island where he was and lots of rocks hehehe...

beautiful weather today, bright and sunny :)
have a Wonderful Wednesday!


Stephanie Mah said...

Im drooling over your food,Ed.

and love those two layouts!!

ianz said...

im drooling too...yummy!!!

Sharmaine said...

What gorgeous pages Ed!! Love them!!
Hope you have a nice 'break' while Ron is home ;)

bbhome said...

Love both LOs!! Inspiring.

croppin carla said...

You are always sharing YUMMY photos of food and making me hungry...LOL
Great job on the lay outs.....I always love to look at your work....

Vee said...

food and scrappies look so good :)

Cheryl Wray said...

That photo on the living doll layout is so beautiful!!

eMeLiNe said...

Good FOOD and love your new blog header !!