Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Today

My Singapore, My Sky
with my wild imagination, i see something with the cloud formation :)
this looks like an Angel's Wing
clouds passing...

My Layouts
Still A Cry Baby
for One Little Word
freehand brackets, small pocket with a note
decribing how he was Impossible that moment!
*he actually got more upset with me taking shots of him!*
Be Awesome
my daughter and her friend :)
Learn Something New Every Day
for MWL's Back To School Crop.
doodled Book and Crayons, Chat bubble
and most of the title alphas :D

My Friend
met Stephanie @ AMK Hub. she brought her laptop, looking all important! hehe...

My Snacks
my Aysha came to meet us after school. she ordered Twister Fries. Yummy!
photo taken by Aysha :)


My Fave! Mocha Frappe :)

My Story
beautiful Tuesday, nothing to complain about :) Life is Good, just being Thankful. it's good to have Positive vibes surrounding you. makes the day brighter and happier. i am a role model to my kids...i would like to think so. so being a "Good Example" to them is the utmost importance to me *wink*

i did my Best raising them full time, mostly on my own and looking at them now, they've grown to be pretty good kids :) Thankfully! perhaps this is just the beginning as the journey to teenage~hood and then young adult~hood will slowly but surely come along. but in the meantime, i shall enjoy these days and moments with them! *hugs* my kiddies!!! you'll always be my Little Ones!

i Deeply Appreciate my husband's personal cards, emails and text messages telling me he Loves me, how Grateful he is to have a Wife like me :D *my head grew slightly* hehe... and i Love that! which wife wouldn't? it's not the things he has given me, it's the Thoughtfulness and Appreciation he shows. he does anything he can whenever he's home to lessen my load with our kids and letting me scrap! how cool is that? i can scrap and he'll make dinner! *yippee*

with our Love Story, all i can say is that he did what he Believes, having Faith and i'm so glad he couldn't wait to marry me! *big smile* 4 kids later, 15 years together and we're Very Happy :) because our goal is to ensure we stick to one path and one path alone. God Willing.

My Father
*Hugs* Dear Pak! Love you. don't worry, you'll be walking in no time :) everything will be alright. i'm just Happy you're healing well. you know why? because your kids Love You!

My Wish For You
have a Fabulous Day Everyday, do Good and i promise you, you will really feel Wonderful inside and out! :)

*My Arm Stretching Wide Hugging You Near and Far*

as if my post today isn't long enough, and if your speaker is on, you're listening to EveryBody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears. how true is that? *wink*


Stephanie Mah said...

love all your layouts!! AWESOME!!!!

hehe, love that shot of me."wink":P

its always fun to meet up!!

next round,we go for TomYum!(:

ianz said...

Yummy!!! i love tom yum too!!!

Wah sTephanie sure looks busy hehe

Francoise said...

hi edleen !
what great pleasure to see your post on my blog !!!!
how do you do ?
I wish you an happy new year for you and your family !
bye to see you again

camport said...

love the cloud shots and LO's. You're amazing!

Also, completely jealous that your McD's has curly fries and blended coffee! American McDonald's is seriously behind on that!


Lynn said...

Gorgeous layouts! Love what you did for 'OLW'!


Cathy said...

Love this post!!! You are a doll! One day it would be a dream to meet you!!!

Love that song!!!

Sharmaine said...

Love the new banner
Love the layouts
Love hearing about relationships filled with love
and your right
Love heals :)

Wati Basri said...

grt that u hv a grt tuesday, Ed!! catch up soon, ok :)

..feli.. said...

gorgeous new banner, ed! :)

you are so inspirational! it's good to always count your blessings. reading your blog made me count mine too. I'm sure you have had difficult moments too, but you still count yourself blessed. thanks for the positive vibes! :)

and you and your husband ah..still so romantic after 15 years lah!

Cheryl Wray said...

That cloud DOES look like an angel's wing. How cool!!!

LOVE the layouts!!!

That mocha looks SO yummy!!!!!

Tania said...

Those are cool shots of the angel wing cloud. Love your stuff BTW. :) and it's nice to read such positive words.

feli said...

love your layouts ed!! aneesa wass so cute!! and she still is!! love the bampop monster you used on the layout with aysha and anis.. :)
so sweet to hear your love story.. i'm happy for you... :) *hugs*