Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend Summary

Saturday Back To School Crop @ MWL
so glad that i went! felt better that day although i tried to avoid all kinds of food that was oh so tempting!!! Made With Love is a local scrapbook store located conveniently in the other part of town and the main train stop from my place :D i'll take you there for some stash shopping and Yummy munchies @ their Cafe if you're ever in town *wink*

ok, so here's the Goodie Pack which every student received

our Lunch Bag

filled with snacks which brought back some memories :)

our Principal, also co~Owner of MWL, Mdm Elvira

students busy cropping...

Felicia here who just realised i'm left~handed! hehe...

Recess Time!

i only had the fish fillet sandwich. if i my tummy wasn't having food allergies, i'd have eaten them all!!!

Mee Siam
local noodle dish, with eggs and some dried tofu. it's Yummy because of the sour gravy. Love it!

Students from Create Ville College :)
Thanks Aida for making those awesome school badges for us!!!
*photo from Jenn's lens*

from the Happy Faces, it was a fantastic day! we had a spelling test which i did fairly well... the Green Team, me, Marix, Sookie, Adoncia and couldn't remember her name *sorry*, we won the treasure hunt and scramble the word contest! *Yayy* we all received a 40% discount off any product. of course, to be spent on that day and i got myself a nice set of stamps :D so worth it!

we also had a nice after school chat with our Principal :)

took the train home with Sa'adah and we just met for the first time that day and i am glad that we hit it off right away! :) couldn't wait to see my kids and came home to them waiting at the door and Little Anis saying "Yayy!!!" Love that! :)

Fave Shot ~ Sunday
Little Hummingbirds comes perching and singing to us each morning @ our Balcony :)

Happy Mail Day
Thanks Auntie Stephanie! Aneesa Loves everything you gave her :)

in Chinese tradition, when a Baby turns One Month, they would celebrate it by giving red dyed eggs and cakes. couldn't find the accurate explanation, so mine will do? hehe... we also gave out cakes to our family, friends and neighbours when our Babies turned One Month. i think we're so Blessed to be this mixed family as we learn more about each other's culture and an added celebration when it comes to Festive Season! :D

Happy Full Month Amelia! :)
your cake is deeeeelicious!!!

we're all good here :) i'm recovering, Thankfully!

here's Wishing Everyone a Happy Monday! :)


Sharmaine said...

I love all the photos Ed, looks like a whole heap of fun!!
Hope you continue feeling better :)

ianz said...

wow!! glad u r having a fun time!!

Stephanie Mah said...

lovely photos!! (:

Hope you have a lovely Monday!!

see you tomorrow!!

camport said...

reading your blog always makes me hungry!!