Monday, March 24, 2008

All You Need Is Love

sharing with you my Fave Page with a great message The Beatles got it right when they wrote this song :)
no other band can Top their songs or music!
they're Groovie!!!
got this book for meself and Loving it :D

More Books
brought my kids to a book fair on Sunday and we got these titles. i am a Lover of Words and i was soooo elated when i got the Book of Idioms!!! been searching for that for ages since i misplaced mine since school days.

enjoying his book :) he's really not reading...hehe.
well, not yet anyway *wink*

there was also a Food Fair and the durian puffs were Sold Out!!! :( we bought a box of brownies and these Kropoks also known as crackers. great for snacking :D

Fruit Pastry
Deedah came by on Sunday morning and brought this for me and kids :) Love it! it's sweet but goes well with ice~cream and a hot cup of Mocha!

Lunch Today
dried tofu...Yum~Yum!

made Tofu Lemak (Tofu in coconut milk)

Thank You!
for your well~wishes and kind words. *Hugs*

it is only us being human to feel compassion for others when they are down on their luck or when something unfortunate happens. this space where we blog is somewhere we can relate our stories and share little pieces of our lives. it is wonderful to receive even virtual hugs as it helps in some way :)

for the ones that took the time to drop by and leaving a few lines of comforting words and Happy Wishes, Thank You. truly appreciate it :)

it's another Beautiful Monday, Enjoy!


Sharmaine said...

Oh not just good food and beautiful photos now it's the Beatles toO!!!
Another reason I love to visit your blog lol
Hope the new week is a wonderful one Ed :)

Stephanie Mah said...

I love Beatles too."wink".
Have a happy Monday!

ianz said...

Yummy snacks!!!!

Lesli said...

I love the photos - and the Beatles!!! Have a great day!

croppin carla said...

OOO I love the Beetles of my fav groups!. And all tha food looks so yummy, Im glad that I just had lunch and Im not hungry so Im not drooling this time...LOL