Saturday, March 22, 2008

Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall

Anis and Umie had a great fall! :( boohoo... long legs and short legs can't run together hand in hand. he tumbled, i tumbled along and it was an awful fall.

Little Sweetheart had a bruised lip and some scratches...

i got plenty of bruises and scratches on both knees & right palm, scraped my left arm and lucky i wore my denim jacket which has evidence now of a slight tear on the left sleeve.

Aysha who saw us fell, was so scared and Thankful that none of us was badly hurt. after it happened, i was pretty shaken. mostly because i was worried for Anis. i felt really crummy, i still do right now and i guess it was meant to be. i won't question God, Why? indeed i am Thankful that we're both alright. these bruises and scrapes will fade away but i'm sure i will never forget this incident!!!

we sent Aneesa for her catwalk lessons this afternoon and wanted to meet up some friends @ a crop in town after but obviously after the incident, i just wanted to go home. oh goes on :)

6x12 Layouts
Love Each Other
my younger two :)

Peek A Boo I Love U
Long Weekend
hope you're enjoying yours :) spent Good Friday @ my Aunt's place and we cropped. it was fun but with 6 kids altogether and 4 huge pedigree messy! we left having the sniffles due to allergies to those cute adorable cats!!! :D Thanks for having us Abye!

today went very well as you have been told! hehe... we also had tickets to a Chinese Cultural Night @ Muesa's school. despite what happened earlier this afternoon, i promised to take him there and it was crowded. Singaporeans...they would be a family of 4, but they would occupy 6 seats. one seat with their bags and other stuff... so when i asked if we could have a seat, they'd say someone else is coming. they'd buy 2 tickets, but they'd bring their maids, their parents, their kids and all because they wanted the free show, free popcorn and cotton candy...

sadly, asked Muesa if it's ok we left earlier. he said what about our tickets that could probably win us something in the lucky draw? told him i'm not going to wait until 9pm standing at the back just for that. he then agreed and i feel double crummy having to do that :(

anyhoo, everyone is resting now and just glad that my kids are all home safe with me :) Thanks for dropping by and keep well! *Hugs*


Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, hope you and Anis are fine.
{HUGS} to the both of you.:)
love your layouts!!:)
Have a great weekend!!

camport said...

Wow, glad you two are okay! I've thought about tying bells to my two as they tend to hover just out of sight, but right under my feet.

Hope you have a great weekend!


saffiertje said...

Thos 6x12 are great! Busy you!

Gr. Miranda

My Paper World said...

Oh! I really hope that you both heal soon!
LOVE the layouts!
Big Hugs!
Nicola xx

Sharmaine said...

Oh Ed sounds like you need a big hug, so here you go HUG!!!!!
Love to you and cuddles to Anis, love your pages :)

Lesli said...

Great LO's - I'm so glad you are all okay. I'm sure the bruises still smart - but so glad it wasn't worse.

Ana Baird said...

Hope you feel better soon! Stunning layouts and great choice of colours!

bbhome said...

Hope you and anis are feeling better.

Aida Haron said...

Oh dear ! We wondered where you were when we did not see you at the crop. Hope everything is ok now, and yes I can understand how scary it was for Aysha, for you all !

Edleen said...

Thank You Dear Friends :)

*Big Hugs*

Jennie(Jenn) said...

Hope you and anis are feeling better, do take care my dear friend!

Cathy said...

OM goodness! That is so terrible. I so remember being a little girl and seeing my father fall. I cried for a long time. I'm glad you both were ok!!!