Monday, March 17, 2008

Beautiful Monday

it's really wonderful to have some Sunshine back into our lives :) it does make a difference how one feels i guess. even the little birds are chirping and i love the beautiful clouds hovering in the sky and i get this lovely view daily, so what more can i ask for? :)

Roast Chicken
made this for our lunch today.

Happy Home
did another felt project. stitching is fun :)

Proud Aunts
did this for Sketches!
another page of Baby Aqil :)

Yup..He's Mine
used some dabber paint, stamped some stars
and just having fun with this page of my Cheeky Boy!
my Little Ones are @ school, Aysha has NetBall, Muesa has swimming and they're somehow balancing their extra activities with school, studying and homework. i'm glad they've adjusted to their routine and schedule with school. just as long as they abide by the school rules!

making myself part of their school has done a bit of good i guess. at least i won't be out of the loop whenever there's school activities and functions. well, many more years before my youngest goes to Secondary School. but before that, have to go through his Primary School years :) and i'll be old by then! hehe...

Ron's doing pretty alright in Bali. that's always good to know. more trees planted, help Save The Earth! :)

right now our Home is Quiet and Still. no kids around but not for long...
it would be just nice to sip a cold glass of Iced Tea at this moment. might just do that soon after this *wink*

Have a Beautiful Monday! :)


Sharmaine said...

Oh yum, Ed's Roast chicken!!!
Love your pages Ed, just gorgeous

Stephanie Mah said...

Gorgeous work!!! love them all:)

see you tomorrow!!

croppin carla said...

So cute...those felt litt hand stiched the house and the tree.......enjoy the quiet time with no kids...hope you had the ice tea and have a great REST of the day!

Cathy said...

Love the sky line! It's so beautiful. I long for spring and summer to come. Soon!
I really love the dish you made. I wish I could taste it! Are those yummy potatoes in there?

Your LO of Mr. Trouble is so cute!!

Ice tea sounds really good. I'll take my lightly sweetened!!


Jennie(Jenn) said...

Love your LOs, Ed. They are gorgeous!

Glad Ron is doing fine in Bali..

feli said...

i love your anis layout! hehe.. especially when his t-shirt says major trouble! :P

hope you are doing fine... glad your kids are doing well too! :)

Edleen said...

Thanks Everyone :)

and yes Cathy, those are crispy roasted potato wedges :D come on over for some soon!