Thursday, March 20, 2008

Message From Bali

we miss him too...

today was fun. met up with a few girlfriends for chit chat and snacking and did some SB shopping yet again... Aysha came to meet me in town and we made time to pick Little Ones from Kindy :D

not feeling so great though...dropped my Sony memory card in a pile of papers and how strange that i saw it drop into those pile but can't seem to find it! oh well...stuff like that happens. still got my digital camera to play with :)

made these earlier today...

You Are So Sweet
using a Mini Kit i did for a fair that's coming up.
this is Wati's sweet little girl :)

Birthday Card
wishing Everyone Well and enjoy your Thursday! :)


croppin carla said...

Such a cute lay the colors.....Wait's little girl is just adorable.

saffiertje said...

I love that big smile layout!
So bright!

Marie said...

THose are cute!! Love shoppin with friends!

Cathy said...

Hey Ed,

I want to come and go SB shopping with you!!!!

Hope you find the card.

Hugs GF!!

Stephanie Mah said...

Ed,beautiful page & card!!
it always great meeting up even though just an hour.:)

Lesli said...

Great LO and Card :) I love those papers!

feli said...

i love that layout!! so sweet! :)and i miss you! hope to meet up with you soon.. but i've been busy with school.. will let you know again when we can meet up.. :)