Saturday, March 1, 2008

Published :)

March issue at Scrapstreet :D

2 of my Layouts were picked and they're not new but receiving 2 emails telling me my pages have been selected was a Jump For Joy moment...hehe

All About 3 ~ Page 6

Baby Love ~ Page 12

Cousin Raudha! Baby Durrah is a star :D

and my *Hugs* card got picked Project of the Day ~ March 1st @ ScrapLovers :D Yayy...

we were here...

while Aneesa was busy with her Little Friends, Aysha, Anis and i went to the Nasi Padang restaurant just downstairs. i've been there several times and they have the Yummiest Nasi Padang dishes!!!

so Nasi Padang, usually serving Indonesian dishes with rice. this restaurant has been rated "Die Die Must Try" by MakanSutra. it's a local Food TV show and i totally agree! come here for some Nasi Padang if you're ever around the area :)

so this is what we had...
hot rice served on banana leaf on a plate. it brings out the frangrance of the rice. we ordered fried potatoes with fried crispy anchovies, bagedil, kai lan veggie, beef dendeng (my fave) and topped our rice with lemak gravy :D and their Teh Tarik...i'm there every week so they'll be seeing me *wink*

after we fetched Aneesa, we did some photo taking @ some old Peranakan Buildings, @ the back alley of Boat Quay and 2 Little Kids having fun :)

more scenes...
Raffles Place
walking along the rows of Pubs and Restaurants
along Clarke Quay

enjoying the moment :)
photo overload today :D it's been a tiring but really fun day for me and 3 kids. Ron and Muesa went fishing in Malaysia and will only be home later tonight. was planning to have an early night but...well there's still time! hehe...

hope you enjoyed your Saturday :) and hope you'll feel a little full after you leave here what with the food stuck in your mind! hehehe... but if you ever come to visit Singapore, these are places you shouldn't try to miss :) i'll take you there :D


My Paper World said...

Congrats on your projects getting picked Edleen! They are stunning! and I always love to look at your beautiful photos!
Nicola xx

Stephanie Mah said...

Congrats to you!!! so happy for you!!!!!WTG.:)

awesome shots!!!!!

Happy Sunday!!!

ianz said...

Congrats to you!!! Keep up the good work!!

Renoa said...

Congratzz Ed!! I love all your shots~~ (^^,) lovely!

Lesli said...

Congrats!!!! I love all the photos - looks like another fun day!

salme said...

Congrats, Ed!

Ana Baird said...

Congratulations on having your layouts picked for the mag Edleen! Hope you're having a lovely Sunday!