Friday, February 29, 2008

Save The Date!

it's February 29th! :D
see you again in 4 years!!!

hope you had a Fun Friday. was quite a rushy day for me. morning my Mum called and brought my Little Ones to her house. she cooked for me so, would never turn down any of her cooking *wink*

rushed home, changed them to their school uniform and sent them to school. we were about 10 minutes late... later went to meet Georgina and her sweet little girl and we went to town. went to our LSS and checked out new arrivals from CHA. got myself a few things, just a few, not a lot :D

Ron came to pick me up and we went to visit Dad. he seems alright. he's weak, his muscles aren't as strong and they still want to do some scans and tests to see what's the real reason he's feeling this way. the emotional me looks around and seeing the other elderly Grandpas in their beds, felt sad. no crying but just thinking that i will grow old. Ron asked what if we lived until 70? we'll feel weak and somehow like a disabled too. i have no answer... we can only pray that God will take good care of us and hopefully our kids will want to have us in their lives when they're older.

We've Been Adopted
it's great news for {Create} Make It Happen! we've been adopted as a Hobby Group by a local community centre in the East whereby we will be able to use their facility to hold future cropmeets :D Yayy!!!

another full day tomorrow with Aneesa's modelling career. hehe...yeah right. as long as they still need her, why not? it was them that spotted my kids and gave them an opportunity.

here's Aysha when she was a Cover Girl
on Kid's Company magazine when she was 5 years old :)

and i leave you with some Sweetness!
Have A Great Weekend! :)


Cathy said...

She is a doll!!!!! So cute.

You scared me when you said see you in 4 years! I finally figured it out though!!

BIG hugs!

Renoa said...

Asya too?!she is looking so sweet :D good for you!

croppin carla said...

Hello......just popping in to see what goodies you have on your BLOG...LOL
Love the pictures of the kids......Hope you have a great weekend!

Ana Baird said...

Great and lovely pictures of your little girl! Hope you have a great weekend!

Cheryl Wray said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT day and that it's gonna be a GREAT weekend!! She is SO pretty in those cover pics. And...yummy on those treats! We have neither of those in the States!

My Paper World said...

Hi Edleen, I'm sorry to hear about Ron's dad. I really hope that he feels better soon.
Big hugs
Nicola xx

Stephanie Mah said...

see you in 4 years later.(LOL)

woohoo...congrats to Aneesa!!!
btw, can i have some of those "sweetness"?:p

Happy Weekend!!!

ianz said...

Wow ur girls are talented!!!

Can i have some of the chocolate too!! =)

Lesli said...

Great photos - and now I want chocolate - see what you do to me :)

feli said...

aysha looked so sweet!! :) congrats to aneesa..:)