Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Happy Birthday My Son! :)

Aysha's Birthday :)

Happy Earth Day :)

it's just fun to know that my kids are all born on significant dates. i've got the Easter Sunday Baby, Earth Day Child, Children's Day Baby and Christmas Baby :D and Phew! April Birthdays in the family are all over and now i can get back to normalcy with no balloon blowing and cake shopping! hehe...

finally, as it's clear as mud that we've got our internet connection back! :D some wiring and cable issues and if it was me, i'd just be OK with the whole thing. but with Ron, he spoke to the Supervisor and told him how the service was bad and we had to miss almost 2 weeks of being without internet connection which made our kids unable to do their school assignments which includes updating their blog which is also part of school. and of course, Moi, i miss going to Scrapbooking forums and checking out what's new! *wink* and on that note, our ISP has given us a waiver for a whole month! :D Yayy... hehehe, better than nothing :)

Muesa wanted to have one and invited a few of his friends. mostly those that lives around our neighbourhood :) even Grandparents Mama L & Tok D came. whenever Ron is around, stuff like this is usually possible. we did some food shopping and set everything up and by the time his friends arrive, everything was ready and they all had fun :)

everything you see here was prepared by Ron...

and while we're on the subject of Birthdays, one page i did of Ron's Birthday celebration :)

Happy Tuesday Everyone! let's pray for Peace on Earth and for ourselves and be Thankful and Happy and in the words of Cathy Black (i've been watching lots and lots of Oprah), "Don't take things too personally." and in the words of Wayne Dyer from what i could recall, "Choose kindness over anything else at any time."




Stef said...

Happy Birthday to Muesa (and to Aysha, cause I missed hers).

camport said...

aww. Happy b-day to your kiddos. The cakes and food look GREAT!


Cheryl Wray said...

Those birthday cakes look AMAZING and so YUMMY!!!! Happy Birthday to your two sweeties! And Happy Earth Day too!!

I love that last layout!!!!

scrappermimi said...

WOW! Lots of busy birthdays! Happy Birthday all!!!!

Great LO's as usual an oh so yummy looking celebrations!

Karen L said...

April looks like a busy month for birthdays in your family. I hope your children had a wonderful time. Your BBQ looks delicious and your layout is gorgeous. I also love your Kindness quote - have stored it away to use one day too. Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie Mah said...

Happy Birthday to Musea & Aysha!

Regina said...

Wow! So birthday, party and lots of food! Hey now you know why God gave you some time off the computer so that you can have lots of fun! hehehehee

Love your family layout!

jowong said...


Glad that your internet is back to normal. Great LO! The cake is like popping out from it.

feli said...

yay! glad you got your connection back ed! :) and happy birthday to muesa and aysha.. wah, all of them are born on significant dates! so cool! :)

love that layout of yours.. can see a happy family there!

take a look at my blog.. posted a shoutout to u! take care ed and see you again soon!

jazsutra said...

HAppy birthday to your kiddos.looks fun!good mommy as always..with all the cakes and yummy stufs ;)
beautiful page done up and congrats on being LP CT!
takecare and love,

Aida Haron said...

Happy birthday to Muesa and Aysha !!!

Anonymous said...

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