Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pretty Little Thing

this came in the mail today :D i'm just playing around with my camera and i like this effect with the blurry thing happening. these are from her photoshoot earlier this month and also Comp Cards to use whenever there's an audition or casting call :)and Birthday Banner will be coming down ... Happy Birthday April Babies! may all your wishes come true :)Wednesday Here
nothing much happening today. we're having lovely weather and i'm having the usual happy moments and grumpy moments especially with my Littlest One! *wink* they're all @ school now and i have a few hours to relax and be here.

sending *Hugs* to my friends Y, N and R :) miss you Girls! amazing how i've known you Girls since we were all 13 from school and we're still keeping in touch and seen each other grow, how we have blossomed and you are the Bestest Friends! 26 years of Friendship...longer than we've known our husbands and boyfriend! hehe... *wink*

Thanks for popping by my blog Girls and leaving comments via sms!!! hehehe...
i Love you Girls and we'll definitely catch up soon :)

3 LayOuts
we had a Crop with {Create} on Saturday, our very first with Simei CC who adopted our Team. it was a blast, 6 hours of stress free crop and plenty of chatting and munching! i am known for not being able to complete a layout during cropmeets...but i would get it done once i'm home :D

anyhoo, everyone had to do a ME layout as a way to introduce themselves and we had to state 5 Facts about us that we'd like others to know. this is my page of Me...
Little Wonder
started this layout @ the crop and completed it at home :)
Thanks for the strip of AC pp Felicia!
Best Buds
my Boys grew up with Ol' Blue Scooter
and they've been Best Buds with it :)
will settle myself with a little bit of scrapbooking and have an afternoon tea treat on my own *wink* don't forget to give yourself a little treat sometimes, it'll do you some good.

Take Care!



Ana Baird said...

Wonderful layouts Edleen!

Marieke Vermeulen said...

As always, your layouts are so STUNNING!!!

Have a wonderful week!!


Andrea, said...

More wonderful LO's you always use such fabulous papers

feli said...

oooh! i see the added title on your layout! :)hehe.. and the photos of aneesa look lovely even when it is blur.. :)

ellen said...

i just love stopping by to see what you are doing!

My Paper World said...

Beautiful layouts Ed! xx

Jennie(Jenn) said...

beautiful girl and wow pictures!!!
i like it!!! wow!