Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cosmo Cricket Projects

Once Upon A Swing
Little Miss Chatty
Mini Album ~ Poolside Story

Another Day
My Two SonsCosmo Cricket products are just Awesome! :)

Tuesday's Menu
today, i baked my Banana Chocolate Chip crumble cake :)

made Chicken Soup...which is said to be
Good for the Soul *wink*

Ron caught these Garoupas on Sunday and he made us
Sweet and Sour Fish. So Yum!!!

and he also caught some prawns and made
Prawns with Garlic.

i guess we make a good team in the kitchen although we cook separately as there's just no room for 2 Chefs in our tiny kitchen! hehe...

another LeSportSac for me :D

it's been a fabulous day! played with my Little Ones and i am proud to say that Little Anis is now off diapers during the day!!! Woohoo!!! i got lazy toilet training my 4th child... but so Super Happy :D

then i talked to Aysha about her camp experience which she didn't really enjoy but learnt alot from it. she is a Wonderful Daughter, i Love her :) she helped me scrub the microwave clean!!!
she tells me, "Umie, nevermind, you rest OK." and she helps clean up after her Little Siblings and shower and change them. i am so Proud of you Aysha!!! *hug hug*

in the afternoon, brought Muesa to the frame store where we sent his Movie Poster for framing :) i know somehow he would be on the poster but was so pleasantly surprised to see what the Director wanted :) they'll call me as soon as it's ready.

Ron came home early and shared the story of his day. he had more good news for us and can't mention names but he's got a Spice Garden project for a certain Minister *wink* and an upcoming trip to the Caribbean where he's wanted.

all i can say is, i am truly Thankful to God for His Blessings.
May God Bless Us All, Always :)

i hope you had a Lovely Day and have
Positive Thoughts Always!
Take Care! *Hugs*


Cheryl Wray said...

I cannot believe how much scrapping you get done!!! Those pages and the mini album all look great!! (So does allthat food!!)

Stephanie M said...

wow!! you have been busy scrapping!
layouts & mini album are so beautiful!

Natália Almeida Rosin said...

Girl, i'm really missing you too... :'(
Too many things to do and not enough time to make all of them...
Your pages look gorgeus! (as always)
*Missing you*

Andrea, said...

Wow your work is fantastic and I love the papers, you have been very busy

My Paper World said...

Ed!! I'm back! and I missed your blog soooo much!
You always create such gorgeous layouts, and I just Love the beautiful photos too!
The bannana chocolate chip cake looks fabulous!! and I Love the ink storage using the cutlery tray!
That's a great idea!
Nicola xx

Karen L said...

Edleen, you are definately inspiring at the moment - what gorgeous layouts, love love love "Another Day" and "My Two Sons" I love to come and check out all your gorgeous work.

Cathy said...

How do you find the time?????? UGH, I want to scrap like you when I grow up!!!

Congrats on the no diapers during the day!!! Wooo hoooo

feli said...

you did great with cosmo cricket's PPs! i love the layouts! :)