Monday, June 16, 2008

Silly Putty

so this is cute and all that but Little Anis somehow got the slimy stuff on his head and it got stuck on his hair on Saturday!!!

Thankfully, it all got out and that's him watching TV...

What's For Lunch?
made this super simple dish for my kids today. i think Presentation counts *wink* they enjoyed the hash brown, Ramly burger, fried egg and broccoli :)

Aysha looking exhausted.
she just came home today from camp :)
last night she called to wish Ron a Happy Father's Day and broke down and cried saying she misses us... :(
but so Glad she's home safe and Happy!

Altered Hotel?
a shot i took up @ Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

nothing much happening today. it's Monday again and last week of school hols and it's time for them to go back to school! :D Ron's in Malaysia visiting a nursery shopping for trees. he mentioned something about Hawaii and it's always exciting whenever he breaks news like that! i wonder what it's like to live there? hmmm...

Mini Inks Storage Idea
well, some stash i prefer to be easily seen and thought this would be great to store my Versa and ColorBok inks :)
bought this wooden cutlery drawer in Jusco, JB...

and turned it to this :)
and there's a spot for my Glimmer mist too!

sharing 2 Layouts i did and Thanks for coming by :)
hope you're in good health and enjoy the day!

for PapierHouse and i just adore the effect
of corrugated boards and i splashed some
alcohol ink on this one :)
Your Day
for Sketches! i had so much fun
getting this layout done :)


M@risk@ said...

Beautiful layouts and again one with a lot of pictures on it. Love that.

feli said...

love the layouts, i love especially the green clouds! yummy food you got there for the kids! it's making me hungry.. :P

and that storage for your ink looks good! everything fits nicely!

the cookie tin i did, hehe.. i don't know what it is for yet.. :P

croppin carla said...

Love your lay outs....great job, and as always the food looks YUMMY, makes me hungry!

Wati Basri said... yr new storage space..awesome!

Benga said...

yep pretty storage for inks and cute LOs, i also like the ones with clouds, delightful!

Marieke Vermeulen said...

Love your layouts, so much AWESOME details!!


Karen L said...

Love your storeage ideas and love your layouts - especially love the little green clouds - they look great.

Lyn said...

Love what you did with the cutlery tray! So clever!! Now I want to get one too - everything looks so neat and pretty... *drool*