Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hi! *Waves*

we're all home, safe and sound, Thankfully :)

it was a Great Family Holiday, 2 adults, 4 kids, everyone enjoyed their time on the road! we went to 3 States in Malaysia and stayed in 2. it was Awesome!!!

Ron drove us out of Singapore early Thursday morning @ 6am and it went smoothly @ both Immigration checkpoints and there were no traffic jams. the road to Cameron Highlands *where it stands @ 2032m above sea level* was pleasurable except for the part when it was time to go up the highlands where the road was like an intestine...round and round and for the weak in the guts...prepare yourselves if you can't take the woozie ride up! *wink*

Driving Tips :
The road from Tapah to Cameron Highlands is narrow and has a lot of sharp bends. If you have passengers who get motion sickness, its time to get those plastic bags out (just in case). The roads have been upgraded recently so the drive up can be quite pleasant. There will be lots of heavy vehicles going up and down this road so be careful especially when you are overtaking. Most local heavy vehicles will give you the signal to overtake when its save so be patient. Its also common courtesy to let the vehicle behind you overtake you if you're driving slower that vehicle.

and Ron made good time getting us to The LakeHouse @ Cameron Highlands by 2pm! woohoo...only 8hrs drive with a stop for breakfast in JB and another one few hours later for lunch and bathroom break :D and on the way, we saw a Rainbow!
Main Entrance
Cosy Fireplace for our Welcome Drink
it was Pretty Cold that day!!!
Time to Relax...
Family Suite
Kids' Bedroom
Master Bedroom
no TV nor music provided...
I Love the Beautiful Bathroom! :D
Hotel Dining Room
our bedroom is on the far right :)
Thank You for dropping by and for your Well Wishes! :)

we had a Terrific Time and so glad all our kids did not kick up a fuss nor were fussy with any of our Adventure! :) the weather in CH was quite cold when we were there. the people we met are so friendly and many Thanks to the staff of The LakeHouse for their wonderful service! it was nice meeting the GM, who happens to be an acquaintance of Ron's :D

our highest point that we drove up to was Brinchang. lots of things to see up there and i'll try to post some shots as i blog along :) we tried to go to as many places as we could, the Tea Plantation Cafe, Cactus Farm, Strawberry Farm and Veggie Farm. there were lots of Night Markets (Pasar Malam) selling Yummy Goodies! my fave was the bundle shops selling 2nd hand Branded Coats and Jackets! hehe...reminds me of Camden Town and PortoBello Road!
i've lots to tell...but time does not permit *wink* managed to get laundry settled and another load to clear. even though we're pretty tired out from the long drive, a HUGE Thanks to my Dearest husband Ron for driving us through this journey where we saw many things and learnt a few things along the way.

the most Beautiful part of our journey in CH was meeting the Orang Asli. took a few shots with them and saw their homes, very simple and minimal. my proudest moment was when Little Anis readily gave his toy cars to the Little Orang Asli boys :)

sorry for my lengthy post, but it will probaly be this way for the next few days! hehe... i tried to take the best shots i possibly could and will show more soon.

have a Fabulous Tuesday and Take Good Care! *hugs*


feli said...

happy that you are back! *hugs* you all sure seem to have lots of fun.. and the place is beautiful! can't wait to see more photos.. :)

Stephanie M said...

Hello..welcome back!!:)
awesome shots!!!
any strawberries for me?:p

Andrea, said...

Wow sounds like you had a great time. The place looks amazing, great photos

Cathy said...

Oh my gosh, it looks like such a beautiful place to stay. I want to come and visit so bad!!! Some day I will!

Glad your home and safe!

Lesli said...

I'm so glad you all had a great time - and are now home safe and sound!!! The place looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!


Wati Basri said...

gd to hear tht u had fun!share with us more pics!

camport said...

amazing pics! What a beautiful hotel!! Can't wait to see some more photos!!


Karen L said...

Looks like you have had a wonderful holiday - the hotel looks gorgeous and your photos are wonderful.

Cheryl Wray said...

That lake house is just GORGEOUS!!!! I would have never wanted to come home. So glad you all had such a great time!!

Sharmaine said...

Welcome home :) looks like a wonderful time!!! Which I am glad of :)

Benga said...

hi ed! wow super relaxing vacation/road trip, your photos surely tells the story, welcome back!

Tania said...

Your room is beautiful :) Sounds like you had a great time, glad you did. :)

jazsutra said...

welcum home ed.WOW i can see you all really had a blast in Msia.i miss that kinda hols...so u pluck strawberies 4steph?did u brg kuih 4 me ??hehe!