Sunday, June 29, 2008


Friday Night
went for the workshop to get to know my camera a little better :)
3hrs of theory lesson and how cool to learn that Sony Alpha 100 is now soon to be a collector's item! it will no longer be in the market as it's known to be a "difficult" camera made for a Beginner...? but that's what i'm there for, to Learn.

Julian is a nice guy who dropped us "Golden Tips" and he's been with Sony for several years and does work for Animal Planet so we trust him :)

Saturday Morning
9am everyone met @ Rumah Makan near Kandahar Street. somewhere close to Sultan Mosque @ Arab Street. a very well known Mosque and you MUST visit here when you're in Singapore. lots of little shophouses with lots of local flavours and plenty of souvenirs to pick up. there are also a few stores selling antiques! i Love it!!!

we all met there for the practical part of our workshop. Julian gave us 5 photos and our assignment was to find that spot and take an exact shot. at first it seemed easy but...turned out, not really. but he did stress out that the person behind the camera takes the shots that could make a photo mean something :)

here's a sneak shot i took of my classmates... Assignment Shots
frame within a frame.
my shot passed :)
didn't quite get the angle right...

Arrow Shot
failed this one... couldn't make the arrow
look as if it's really long and aligned with the buildings
Julian's shot of this arrow was published in Sony Alpha's magazine
No 35 was supposed to be orange but they already
painted it white...
Dizzy Shot?
hehe...i don't know, i get dizzy looking at this
shot i took. but i passed this one :)
Random Shots
love old buildings like these ones...
View of Shenton Way
taken @ the bridge from Suntec City
Old Airport Control Tower
taken on the bus on our way home...
Shots taken @ Haji Lane

a Moroccan Cafe, very cosy and planning to take kids and friends there one day soon :)

the rub on from this one came off... hehe

we ended up @ Julian's loft where his studio is located. downstairs his partner sells Vintage stuff like this cool bike!!! i want!!! :D

Saturday's photography workshop ended on time but Aysha had to go to the library for a project research. i couldn't bring the Little Ones along so my 13year old showered her siblings and brought them to meet me by bus and train @ Bugis once i finished. i think it's cool that my daughter is able to take care of her little siblings that way :) i'm so Thankful and at least i know she will take good care of them :)

when they arrived, Aysha left to meet her friends @ the Library. brought these 2 to Suntec City for lunch and enjoy some free cotton candy and popcorn :D

and it's always great to know that there's Happy News :)
my Altered Box got a Shout Out from Susanna @
Card of the
Thanks Susanna!

it's Sunday night and i hope you had a Wonderful Weekend :)
Pushing Daisies is showing on TV to go watch it!

Take Care and *Hugs*


Rachael said...

The pictures look fabulous!! You are workin' that camera!!!

Congrats on the shout out!!

Tania said...

Congrats on the shout out for your altered box!
Love all your photos, even the ones that didn't pass are still great shots!
Your 13 yr old is so sweet taking care of the sibblings. :) Love it when they are so helpful like that.
LOL at the rub-on that came off, hehe.

Have a lovely day

Aida Haron said...

Great photos !!!

Karen L said...

Wow Ed your photos look fabulous - especially love the one with the arrow and the coke can. I am starting a photography course here next month also. Can't wait.

Stef said...

Love the photos Ed, esp the first one of Sultan Mosque.

feli said...

love your photos! the class seems like a fun and enriching one... can't wait to see more photos from you.. :)