Monday, June 30, 2008

Hoo! Loves U

CD cases are lying around and thought
i'd make a card out of it :)
using Sassafrass Lass products
for Laine's Papeterie

Layouts using BluEye Dezines
Urban Eagle Collection for PapierHouse
My Boys
I'm Cute
love the rub ons!
it's Monday night, last day of June in 2008 and hoping when a new day comes in July, it'll be fantastic and filled with Happiness and Love as Always :)

i had an idea for a new challenge and did a search online to check out my originality. ok, there are about 2 out there with the same Title and a few others but not how i perceived it. it doesn't seem to clash and no one will get upset over it. i hope not... :D

anyway, hatched this idea and Hooray!!! they LOVE my idea and hopefully when it gets well underway i'll spill everything on the blog table!!! hehehe...

it's been a harrowing last 2 weeks of sorts in June but always hoping for a brighter day and happier moments in Life :) although daily i'm having tiny arguments with Little Anis who always wants something he can't have! grrr...
but my Little Boy has gone without diapers for almost a week now @ night and Yayy!!! i'm pretty hopeful he'll succeed and it'll be The End of Diaper Duty and purchase!!! :D

Picture Postcard
not exactly... but Simple Living shots i took @ Cameron Highlands.
homes of the Orang Asli living without running water nor electricity.
yet, they're Happy and content. they survive with natural resources and foods from the jungle. it's truly sweet of them to allow me to take these shots.
my Fave is the last one :)

Happy Monday Everyone!!! *hugs*


Cheryl Wray said...

The CD case idea is so wonderful!!!!

Love all the layouts and pics!!!

Can't wait to hear more about the challenge.

croppin carla said...

Cute lay outs.......
and the pictures are great too. Love the CD case card idea...thats great....

ellen said...

oh your projects are wonderful. i have boys too! i am constantly battling wiht one of them. it is awful but it will pass, right???

beautiful pics, it is amazing the different lifestyles we all live.

Cathy said...

Those photos are so stunning. I find myself in awe when I see how simple people can live and be happy too. We could learn so much from this!!!

Have a great week my friend!

My Paper World said...

Hi Ed!
I'm sooooo loving the Cd Card! It rocks! and of cousre your Lo's are simply beautiful as usual! I'm looking forward to hearing your idea!
Nicola xx

Lesli said...

I am always amazed by the projects you complete and by the photos you take!