Saturday, June 14, 2008

What Makes U Happy

she never fails to pick this one whenever we're @
Dunkin Donuts!

Groovie Gathering
and what made alot of us Happy today was meeting up with girlfriends, a Daddy we're familiar with *wink* and the Groovie Little Kids! :) this is a common sight whenever we're together, chatting and munching @ the same time!

these little ones had a lot of fun in the pool. there was a little incident with 2 Little Ones but Thank God they are alright and Thank You Mummy Wati for rescuing them!!!
*Big Hugs*

Ryan and Aaron playing cards :)

Michelle doing a demo...and kids enjoying their Goodies

i organised a Secret Groovie Gift exchange and Wow!
these Girls are truly wonderful and love seeing their altered gifts for their Secret Girlfriend :) they have to guess who made their Secret Gift *wink*

Happy Faces

Thanks Eunice and Regina for having us!!!

i hope you had a Lovely Weekend :)
it's Father's Day tomorrow and it's not the same without Aysha around. but we'll probably take Ron out for Brunch @ our fave joint and i might bake a cake :)
and we'll probably pop by and visit the Grandads :D

i wish you a Great Time with your Loved ones and it was Beautiful what i saw @ 6.37pm...


Tinkerbell said...

Lovely shots ! It was a fun gathering. Oh, it was Felicia doing the demo (Thanks Felicia) ... I only provided the tool :-)

ianz said...

Ed, i save photo of me and 3 other groovie gals =)

I'm having fun yesterday!!!

Wati Basri said...

missed it gld u ladies had fun...and also gld that the kids are ok!

Stephanie M said...

hi there!! love all your shots!
looks like you girls had fun day!!glad that the kids were alright.
and congrats to you too."wink".

Aida Haron said...

WOW ........... looks like so much fun !!!

Tania said...

Hi Edleen :) Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. :) Love all the photos and your layout rocks, congrats on being published!