Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Got Shoe?

i've been wanting to clear out the shoe rack @ our service balcony but have always put it off. at least until the weekend and Voila! so glad i did it because of the find!!! and our kids are so lucky to have all these. i can remember during my days as a child, i think i only own a pair or two to last a whole year!

Ron bought these shoes for me during his travels.
can't remember where he got them...

Aysha and Muesa's shoes bought from NY and UK.
they're still in good condition and will be passing this on to the Little Ones :)

Aysha bought these slippers for the Little Ones @ her school carnival :)
buy 1 pair for a dollar and get 5 free. what a great deal!

they were Muesa's. they all fit Anis perfectly now!!!

Shocker Find!!!
i forgot all about my brand new Lime Green Birkenstock!!!
tucked away still in it's box and crisp packing. Woohoo!!! :D

Miami Summer
Ron called. he's spending a few days in Miami to shop for trees and plants @ the nurseries there. Summer Sales are happening and he asked what i'd like for myself and the kids. truly, i don't think we need anymore clothes or shoes!!! so i've asked for Tootsie Rolls and whatever candies he can get for us :D

Thankfully we saw Mr Sun today :) everyday is almost the same routine for this Stay At Home Mum. except the dealings with Little Ones can be a little frustrating at times. what can i do...they're 3 and 5. gone through this with the older 2 and oh well, 3 and 5...what a great age to be!!! *pulls hair* hehe...

Ed's Sketch
each month i have 2 sketches out for PapierHouse and Groovie Scraps Cafe.
i literally sketch them on paper so please excuse the non~perfect lines ;)
finally got mine done today!

for PapierHouse
join in the sketch challenge and
you might win a RAK Prize!
the Design Team did a great job with the sketch :)
Adorable Aqil
for Groovie Scraps Cafe
did a lovely layout with this sketch!
you can check it out @ her blog :)
Play All Day
Thanks for coming by and i hope you're having a Wonderful Day wherever you are! *hugs*


eMeLiNe said...

Shoes galore Ed ! LOL ... have a good mid week :)

Stephanie M said...

OMG!! you kept so many shoes!!:p
i love the lime green birkenstock.:)

..feli.. said...

oo i'd like some tootsie rolls too! hahaha :p

feli said...

wow! i love the shoes!! so many shoes for the kids.. hehe.. i guess you'll be wearing the green birkenstock wherever you go now.. *wink*

Anonymous said...

Shoes are looking GREAT!! And so do your layouts, as always!!!

Have a GREAT week!!!


Ana Baird said...

what a collection of shoes! Great layouts too!

Ana Baird said...

I forgot to say; I have an award for you on my blog

Karen L said...

I can see that you guys have a shoe fetish - some cute looking ones there.
Sketches are great and I love your takes on them.