Friday, July 25, 2008


Singapore 7.19am
taken on Wednesday
it's been raining the past week with some
sunshine mostly in the mornings.
dark clouds scare me...
Thank You Jessie!
i *Heart* this card you sent :)
it certainly brightened up my day!
Sweet Happiness
me and kids got some major sweetness treatment for ourselves :D no one got hyper...Thankfully! and we got our Tootsie Rolls! hehe...

how are you doing? hope you are in the Pink of Health :)
it's been a busy week and Cousin Zaly & wife Stef and her parents are here from Australia. met up with them for a day of shopping which went through the night ;) we went back to my place and took my kids out for dinner. we had local delights like satay and rojak and ice kachang, which they haven't had for quite some time.

whilst shopping with them, i had no intention of getting myself anything but somehow @ the camera shop, i got new lens filter and protector! that sales guy is really good! he offered us lots of cameras and equipments @ a really low price!!! do i really need another digital camera???

i'm almost finished with my project for Laine's Papeterie and this is one of the many i have done so far which is a Travel theme. you will be able to see the whole range @ the store when August comes ;)

Individual Cooling Off
using paper scraps and continued
doodling from the rub on on the photo :)
Daily Dealings...

they're fighting to sit on the same chair!!! as you can see, he won't budge and she won't give in... and that is so her, always ready for a Smile! hehe...

it's the weekend and i've invited Stef to come over for a crop @ my place. it will be fun and i've asked a few friends to join in as well :) there'll be plenty of food and i truly hope we WILL crop!!!

i wish you Happy Moments and a Wonderful Weekend!


Cathy said...

Have a great weekend Ed. Wish I could join you!!!


Lesli said...

WOW - I love those projects and photos!

Tania said...

Gorgeous photos! Love that smile on your daughter's face. :) Have fun at your crop

feli said...

hope you ladies enjoyed yourselves.. so did you all crop? :P love the milk carton!! i wonder what else there will be! :)

Mariona said...

Preciosos LO.
Besos desde Barcelona!!

..feli.. said...

ed :) where is the camera shop? is the price really good? i intend to buy a digital camera for myself :)