Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Sunrise in Singapore
Wednesday, 7.20am

view from Ed's Balcony
He's Home!
we're already used to Ron being away for weeks and months but when it's coming home time, we're always Super Excited to see him! :) and as always, he brought home some Goodies for us from the Caribbean, Miami and London...

we're really lucky and Blessed. more clothes for everyone!

i guess when a husband or partner knows we're into scrapbooking, they think about getting us something. Ron bought me an all leather Armani XChange bag for me to use for crops.

Happy Little People...

we're really glad to have him home most of all. but he's leaving for his next project really soon... we're used to that too ;) but he'll definitely try to be back the 1st week of Ramadan.

how are you doing? it's midweek, and August will end in a few days. Bianca will be leaving for Germany on Thursday and we're doing last minute shopping this afternoon. she has been asked if she's having a good time here and of course, politely she says, "Yes." i wish she was more adventurous though as in going out and about on her own. Singapore is pretty safe and the farthest place would only be about an hour away from any point of Singapore!!! hehe... i hope i'm right about that! :D

we had a Groovie Barbeque over the weekend with some Groovie Girlfriends and it was a blast! we managed to get some steaks, sausages and chicken bbq~ed until the rain came pouring. but despite all that, it was fun :)

i've been scrapping but haven't had the chance to take any shots of my layouts because we've been having more rain than sunshine lately. although rain can be such a damper @ times, it's also cooling and soooo nice to stay in bed :D

here's one layout i did for Sketches! and Thanks to Tamara, she's keeping me to be on her Recipe Design Team. and nope, no cooking involved but it's a little bit of this, and a little bit of that kinda thing ;)

{Create} Make It Happen
a layout i did of our 1st Birthday Crop Party

the little minis opens up to more photos and some journalling
used my Turqoise glimmer mist on the title and doilie
i am glad that this hobby has brought alot of girlfriends together, form friendships and because of this too i found my long lost Cousin Zaly who lives in Australia with his wife Stef whom i met through scrapbooking. amazing huh?

this should remain as it is, a fun process where we produce creative works of art and sharing with others who also enjoys it :)

anyhoo, i've stuck to my Green challenge to ensure that we turn off the switches and reduce the usage of plastic bags. also challenging myself to stay away from Fast Food as it's time to have more greens in my body! hehe...

have a Wonderful Wednesday and Thanks for dropping in and Take Care!


feli said...

love that layout of yours of the create birthday crop! :) so nice to have so many photos all in one layout.. and i love how you added the glimmer mist,nice touch there.. you have a nice week too! see u soon!

Jennifer said...

WOW! You were a busy blogger today! Great photos...neat stuff! AND LOVE the sky photo!

Karen L said...

So glad to hear your DH arrived home safely. I am sure the kids love having him home too - love your layout and the way it all opens up. Hope you have a great week.

Ana Baird said...

You got some lovely presents! That layout of your 1st crop party is wonderful!

Stephanie M said...

so many yummies!! beautiful layout & crop bag!
have a great week ahead!

Tania said...

Hello Edleen :) My Hubby is always coming and going like that too, you feel like you're used to it and then when they leave again it's like you're getting used to it again. Hope ya know what I mean, it's hard to explain.

It's funny how you mention going a little more green, I just posted some on that! Cool :)

Enjoy your goodies from your hubby, have a fabulous day. :)


Sophia said...

Ed! Love the shots from your balcony!!

Just to let you know that you've been tagged in my scrapblog. Do check it out yah? ;)