Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Muesa's Movie Screening

not exactly Muesa's movie but the one he's
Starring in. a screening event will be held on
October 28th 2008
Details of the event can be found @ the website:
Impian Si Mamat

Organised by
Singapore Malay Film Society and Sinema Old School,
all cast and crew has been invited and
we'll definitely be there! :)

and a Huge Congrats to Zul the Director!

Happy Wednesday!
it's midweek and it's quite lovely over here on my side :) a little gloomy but still, that shouldn't dampen my day. i've to cook lunch soon and send Little Ones off to Kindy and off to Redhill and meet a friend for an afternoon of crop session. well, we'll see if i will crop or chat more!!!

it's Exam Week for my son Muesa and truly hoping for the best for him. at least if he doesn't do well in his studies he can pursue a career as an Actor??? hehehe... seems unbelievable that 3 of my children has already earned a paycheck for themselves @ such a young age!!! who would've thunk that my kids are Models and Actors? as long as they enjoy what they're doing :)

all 3 are also in the Traffic Police Road Safety video which are shown in schools islandwide ;) so cute when their Teachers and friends in school thought the kids on the video looks familiar and recognised them right after! hehe...

alrighty, enough of that :)

Porche Carrera Cup Goodies
we didn't go but it's awesome to get these..hehe
the umbrella is so handy and that notebook, is so Mine!!!

Messy Ribbons
i've been stuffing whatever ribbons i have into this tin box *blushing*

Aysha has lots of these ice~cream sticks and i found that i have a clear folder for stitching (i think)

and decided to do this...

now neat and organised! right? :D

Thanks so much for dropping in and Wishing You Lots of Goodness in your Life, Happy Smiles always and Have a Wonderful Wednesday!



Liza said...

Wow that is a totally AWESOME idea Ed!!!

Princess Gizmo said...

Woohooo!!! I love ur idea how to organise the ribbons!! :) Maybe someday I'll organise my ribbons like this too ;)

jazsutra said...

Now that is really NEAT!im goin to eat more of magnolia!(err deja-vu kan,like the milk boxes stories agn) hahaha!
so yr son is famous also?so whoz not famous at home ed? proud mommy u muz be!have fun at the movie;)-jaz

Aida Haron, Singapore said...

Congrats on Muesa's screening and for their good marks at Darul !!


My Paper World said...

Totally awesome idea Ed! I LOVE it! and oh my! Your kids are just so fab and talented too!
I'm gonna pop back when I've got more time, to check out the rest of your news and creations that I have missed since I've been away!
Nicola xx

Stephanie M said...

sorry that i didnt visit your blog recently. i was totally busy with my girls.:)

congrats to Aysha & Muesa!!!

Andrea, said...

What a fab idea for storing ribbons TFS

Cheryl Wray said...

So COOL about the movie!!

And that is a fabulous idea for storing ribbon!

Enchanted By Scraps said...

Ooooo!! So that's how we can use that plastic thingy la! Aaahhh! I've got that plastic thing some time back but had no idea how I could use it. Silly me.
Your kids are really wonderful! They are so gorgeous, well behaved and smart. You are a great mom who has done a fantastic job. I would vote you for the Idol Mom Contest if one were ever held!
I have tagged you on a random fact thingy. Feel free to play or just read some weird fact about your crazy friend!

Chriss Rollins said...

totaly fab idea for ribbon storage... if you pop over to mine...right at the beginning of my blogging you can see how i store mine.
have a lovely weekend
chriss x
congrats to your children.

Natália Almeida Rosin said...

great idea with the ribbons!

Cathy said...

I really thought that I posted on this already!! I know I read it anyway. Sometimes when Im at work I just read and then leave b/f I get in trouble....

Anyway... Congrats to ALL your children. They clearly have wonderful parents who let them be themselfs and experience life.

DadhaSpoke said...

So bangga of u. I wanna watch the premiering of the movie too.

Ribbin cantik! Nov got kit?

simply me said...

Hi Ed! What a cool idea for keeping ribbons :-)

simply me said...

Hi Ed! Cool idea for keeping ribbons :-)

neopet_junkie said...

wow! talk about recycling and cheaper way to store those ribbons away. I'll remember to keep the sticks next time I have ice cream :)

jakey said...

Ed - I love that lolly stick idea!
I'm gonna have to nail you down for a guest spot somewhere very very soon, you have the neatest ideas :-)

Chilly hugz from me! Guess what??? it's snowin here!! Yikes!

jk xx

Olena said...

Nice idea for keeping ribbons!